Bourbon Street Shooting – 5 Wounded, 1 in Custody

An early morning shooting Sunday on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans left 5 people wounded. One person has been detained, although it is currently unknown how the person is connected to the incident. An argument supposedly turned into a gunfight. The shooting took place a short time before another shooting on Iberville street in New Orleans took the life of a juvenile male and seriously wounded three others.

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As the EarthCam at the corner of Bourbon Street and Orleans caught the sound of gunfire, the crowds panicked and began running. The camera is mounted there to stream live video of the world-famous parties that go on, particularly during Mardi Gras. This time it revealed the fear and panic of the crowd. Another video appears to show someone down on the street corner.

Minutes after the shooting, members of the New Orleans Police Department arrived at the scene. 

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson both made it to the scene of the Bourbon Street shooting; both left without giving a statement to members of local media outlets who were there.

The shooting happened near Bourbon and Orleans Streets, about two blocks from Jackson Square, NOPD Public Affairs reported around 3 a.m. 


The incident reportedly occurred after an argument turned in to a gunfight.

The second shooting suspect – 15 years old – was arrested after he ran from the scene of the crime and went home to gather his belonging in an effort to flee. A relative called police, who arrested him.

All of that follows Saturday in which five people were shot in three separate shootings. (NOLA)

It is unclear if these incidents are gang activity or just people losing their tempers. Either way, it appears New Orleans is vying for a spot on the Chicago crime wave. There are nearly 2.5 million gang members in the city, in spite of the police gang unit’s attempt to handle the situation.


Featured photo: screenshot of crowd fleeing gunshots on Bourbon Street

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