Boris Johnson: England Ends Covid Restrictions

Faye Higbee
boris johnson

Boris Johnson spoke before Parliament Wednesday morning, advising them that all Covid restrictions would end as of January 26. No more masks for school students. No more “covid passports.” No more having to prove vaccination to enter a business. No more requirements to work from home. Even the isolation requirements will be scaled back and Johnson asked the Parliament members to vote and bring that rule forward from the original expiration date of March 24.

The number of deaths has been falling as well as the hospitalization rate.

Johnson said that none of the so-called Plan B measures would remain, as face masks would not be legally enforced anywhere, COVID passes would not be mandatory and advice to work from home would end…

Johnson has faced criticism for his handling of the pandemic overall, and Britain has reported 152,513 deaths, the seventh-highest total globally. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have followed their own anti-coronavirus measures, generally with tougher restrictions, but have also begun to ease them.

Of course, as the more Conservative members of the body cheered the decision to remove the liberty-crushing rules, his opponents were quick to complain. “It’s too soon.” “He’s just trying to save his job.”

The fact that Boris Johnson has been in the crosshairs of his critics because of holding a party at his residence in violation of the rules indeed may have something to do with it. But a petition sent to #10 Downing Street on Monday was signed by 200,000 people requesting an end to Covid restrictions. A separate petition also requesting an end to restrictions was signed by 160,000 people and also delivered on Monday. People are sick of the restrictions pretty much everywhere.

Will Brandon pay attention? Probably not. The power involved is too much fun for Democrats.


Featured screenshot: Boris Johnson at the House of Commons

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