Border Patrol Ordered Not to Apprehend Migrants by Walls or in Rio Grande

Faye Higbee
border patrol ordered

A new directive coming down from the Biden administration to the Border Patrol ordered them not to arrest migrants near “waterways, walls, canals, or other barriers.” Which pretty much leaves out anything except a cactus. Can they arrest illegals by a cactus?

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The directive states:

When encountering individuals in dangerous environments, Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) should take extra law enforcement safety precautions. Whatever the situation encountered, such as a river, canal, or other waterway; the border fence, wall, or other barriers keep the following general guidance in mind:

If individuals are “staging” along the United States international border, BPAs may use deterrence measures, give instructions not to cross, and/or contact foreign government partners for assistance.

For everyone’s safety, it is recommended that BPAs do not attempt to apprehend or arrest anyone in a waterway, on the border fence or any other dangerous barrier. Arrests should be made in an area where it is safe, such as once the migrant makes landfall or come down from the fence.

BPA’s will not forcibly guide individual(s) back into waterways or other unsafe environments.

BPAs will not forcibly remove anyone from the United States at the border. Migrants must be inspected and processed for appropriate dispositions.

Screenshot of directive

There was reportedly a “presentation” accompanying the written directive. Breitbart reporter Randy Clark, a retired Border Patrol Agent, suggested that the new directive may stem from the horse patrol agents who were accused by Mayorkas of “whipping” Haitian migrants back in September of 2021. The agents were cleared of carges back in December of 2021, yet the DHS plans to punish them over the incident. They have remained on administrative duties since the accusation. The Breitbart article said they may possibly be accused of pushing them back from the border.

This entire ridiculous bull*** was a cover for Alejandro Mayorkas’ lousy performance as a Secretary of “Homeland Security” and the Biden administration’s agenda to destroy the United States by bringing in every illegal and every refugee from around the world. They have not only placed American citizens in harm’s way, but the communities in which they reside.


Featured screenshot of Border Patrol agents via The Nation

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