Bombogenesis- Winter Storm Grayson to Bring Damaging Winds, Blizzards, Heavy Snow

By Faye Higbee

The Northeast United States is in the target zone of Winter Storm Grayson and may experience what the Weather Channel calls “bombogenesis.” That’s when a low pressure system experiences a rapid drop of 24 millibars in a 24 hour period…essentially producing a “weather bomb.” It could stress the Eastern electric grid and put millions of customers at risk.

Brutally cold weather has already been in place over much of the Midwest.  Winter Storm Grayson has been crawling up the East Coast from as far south as Florida. Some roads in Northern Florida were closed because it was snowing on Wednesday. But after Grayson comes an Arctic blast…so bundle up.

You can track the latest forecasts of this storm here at the Weather Channel.

Weather Bomb or Bomb Cyclone

NOAA says that Winter Storm Grayson could “drop 45 millibars” on Thursday. What does that mean? Hurricane force winds are possible along the Eastern seaboard as warm temperatures over the ocean collide with frigid ones over land.

“If current computer models hold, that’ll start to happen somewhere off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and continue as the storm moves north. Hurricane-force wind warnings have been posted off the coast where ships could encounter winds of 80 miles an hour and waves as high as 26 feet on Thursday.” Bloomberg

Coastal flooding, heavy snow accumulations are forecast along with high winds.  The temperatures won’t be as cold initially, but by the weekend will drop into the frigid zone as an arctic front descends across the region.

Publix stores are closing, and Conde Nast travel magazine suggests you change your flights if you plan to fly in the next few days. In some cases change fees are being waived by airlines.

The weather may cause power outages, which could be life threatening in the frigid temperatures forecast for the weekend. Power outages have been reported so far for about 35,000 people in Florida.


Be prepared. Wear your clothes in layers and cover exposed skin. Make sure you have emergency supplies and food for both you and your pets. Trucks may have difficulty reaching stores in your area depending on the conditions. Be careful with generators because they can kill you – keep them at least 20 feet away from your home.  Don’t use the oven as an additional heat source – not only can you accidentally set your house on fire, but like generators, carbon monoxide can seep into the room.  Shoveling snow can also kill you if you’re not healthy.


Featured photo via Twitter