Boca Raton Police Respond to Town Center Mall

By Faye Higbee

Florida – Boca Raton police responded to reports of shots fired at the Town Center Mall on Sunday afternoon. One person was hospitalized from a “possible gunshot wound,” but there was no active shooter. (wptv) and (wtsp).

Update: Police stated that the man who was hospitalized actually hit his head when he panicked after hearing a loud noise. No active shooter, no gun involved.

Boca Raton Fire and Rescue stated that one person with a gunshot wound was transported, but later, police changed that to a “possible” gunshot wound.

The mall went into lockdown immediately upon reports of gunfire. People were stuck in locked stores as SWAT went through the mall in order to clear the area. Police evacuated the people store by store. Ambulance, Boca Raton fire -rescue, Boca Raton PD, & Delray Beach PD were on scene, as the ATF was enroute. Police still asked the public to avoid the area, even though the mall was evacuated.

Locals took cell phone images of the heavy police presence. No weapons were recovered at the scene.

While most civilians don’t know the difference between sounds of a shooting and something else, that this incident sounded like “pops” may indicate something other than gunfire. The updated police statement that a person had “trauma” is also an indication of something else being involved. We’ll update this story when we have more information.

Featured photo: Twitter Moments

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