Bob Sargent, 94, WWII Veteran Is Now a Barista!

By Faye Higbee

Salvation Coffee Company in Burlington, North Carolina has a special barista…a 94 year old Navy WWII Veteran. His name is Bob Sargent, and his family owns the coffee shop. And “Sarge” is bringing in the customers who love to hear his stories. Oh, and they love the coffee he makes, too! His positive attitude is infectious.

Bob Sargent began working at Salvation Coffee Company about a year ago when it opened. He says he likes to learn new things…and he’s proving it daily. At 94, his positive attitude translates into a benefit for all who drop by the coffee shop. And with a past history like his, he’s got a lot of stories to tell customers along the way.

Fox reported,

Navy veteran Bob Sargent has held many important roles through his 94-years of life: World War II serviceman, an escort to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Yalta Conference, father of five, pastor, electrician and more. Lately, the nonagenarian – affectionately nicknamed “Sarge” – says that his latest gig is bringing him a whole lot of joy: working as a barista in his family’s coffee shop in North Carolina.

“It’s an outlet. It’s my privilege,” Sargent told ABC 11 of his part-time job. “I like to mingle with people.”

“Born on a farm in Michigan, Sargent joined the Navy at age 17 and worked as a machinist mate on the Imperial, WXII reports. In 1945, he was selected for an elite assignment: escorting then-President Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference as a member of the color guard. At the famous meeting, FDR, U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin discussed the future of postwar Europe.”

He’s had quite a few accomplishments in his young life. Yep, he’s 94 years young, and doesn’t plan to stop now. He told local media that the Lord gave him joy and he’s been going on that ever since.

Milkadamia gave him an apron that reads “It’s never too latte.” And he is proud of it. He tells people that “it’s never too late to learn something new.”

He has traded “uniforms” several times along his life’s journey so he can walk a new path. He appears to have become a local sensation, with several news media outlets covering his presence at the Coffee Company. We hope that Bob Sargent aka “Sarge” will continue to help them out at the shop for a long time to come.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Bob Sargent – Salvation Coffee Facebook