Bleeding Heart Libs Driven off their Own Farm by Muslims

By Faye Higbee

Bleeding Heart Libs Driven off their Own Farm by Muslims

The Wartnaby’s in South Africa were sweet liberals who just wanted to help the ‘poor Muslim immigrants’ flooding into their country. After all, they were fleeing the jihadists and it was such a horrible situation for the refugees. So they opened up their farm in July to over 100 of them. By December, those ‘poor little Muslims,’ turned on the couple and threatened to kill them.

Opening their home and their hearts

The headline in July read: “Meet the angels who opened their hearts and home to 143 lost strangers.”

The Wartnaby’s own Hope Farm in Cato Ridge. They welcomed 143 Muslims onto their nearly 57 acre farm outside of Durban, South Africa. The refugees were from Burundi and Congo.

They had been “heartbroken” to learn that the remaining refugee camp in their area had been closed and many of the people in it arrested and separated from their children.

Enter the bleeding heart liberals.

Local news reported,

Welfare was there. They separated the children and they put everyone in jail and the children were taken away to a children’s home.”

The couple spent the weekend speaking to lawyers and offering help.

“The lawyers said if these people have somewhere to go, then they will be able to sort out the charges and get the families reunited. So we said that we have space, we can do it.”

And that’s how 143 Muslims ended up on their property, where they lived for free and were provided with food and medical services. But it only lasted for a few short months before disaster struck.

 bleeding heart

Andrew and Rae Wartnaby

The turning

On December 18, the headline from that same local news media read,  “Refugees Turn on their Host.”

News24 reported,

Besides property being destroyed, the ­family who took in the immigrants have also been accused of not helping them to be ­relocated back home or to another country, driving a chasm between them.

Owners of Hope Farm in Cato Ridge, ­Andrew and Rae Wartnaby, were yesterday forced to evacuate their 10 children from their farm house in fear that they would be attacked or used as “bargaining tools”.

This, after a group of the foreign nationals they are housing on their farm attacked their home in the early hours of yesterday morning and threatened to kill Andrew.

At 02:00 a.m., the refugees cut the farm fence, smashed the windows in their home, drove out the couple and their 10 children, and took over the farm.  They are still in control of it, even though there is a police presence on the farm. They apparently don’t know what to do.

“When we took everyone in, we said we would try and help, which we have. But they feel like it has been too long and we let them down. I have asked that group to leave my farm, but they refuse to and to be honest, I don’t know what is going to happen. All I know is that I don’t want to be murdered tonight.” Andrew Wartnaby


Two months ago two groups within the ranks of the refugees emerged and began to dispute among themselves.  The most hostile group of the two is the mob that attacked. As Andrew peered out his window, he saw the tent that the group was staying in engulfed in flames.

“I immediately asked if everyone is okay but they kept shouting that tonight was my night and they will kill me. I haven’t slept since…” Andrew Wartnaby

The Issue – there are fundamental differences

I’ve known lots of people who see the” poor refugees” and want to help them. But the problem lies in the fact that they are Muslims- and their mentality is not the same as Western Christians. Add the tribal nature of the African ones to that mentality and you have a recipe for disaster. They are fundamentally DIFFERENT.

Islam demands that Muslims work to take over the nations – not work with them, not befriend the unbelievers, not be grateful for their help, but to subjugate and convert them. When they are in a minority, they are relatively calm. But soon they become defiant and start demanding their way. Cultural jihad is in full swing at that point. Eventually there is an uprising and your life is in danger.

They are not grateful for what you do and they demand things by intimidation- they are focused through the lens of Shariah. It is their goal, their life. The Wartnaby’s found out the hard way.