Black Lives Matter Protesters Create Mayhem in DC

By Faye Higbee

Capitol and Park Police had their hands full on July 4, as Black Lives Matter protesters besieged the city, and shut down the highway between Washington, D.C. and Virginia. They danced on the American Flag, shouted “f*** the police!”, accosted Trump supporters, and in general made a mess of our nation’s Capitol at a time that should have been celebratory. And why have they been allowed to set up a protest zone on H Street, Ms Mayor? The time for civil dialogue may be completely gone.

Black Lives Matter protesters

The Daily Caller wrote:

They then left the park and got into a fight with Trump supporters at the Washington Monument. People fought over a pole that had a “don’t tread on me” flag, a Trump flag, and an American flag on it. The protesters screamed at police when they tried to come break up the fight, and they also got into a screaming match with Trump supporters.

Another group also began marching at Black Lives Matter Plaza, a street in front of Lafayette Square where people are holding an “Occupy H Street” protest. Tents and barriers had been set up to block off the area.

The protesters marched down I Street and turned towards the Capitol building. The group got in a stand-off with police when officers formed a line in front of the Trump hotel. Eventually, the protesters were able to make their way onto the highway, resulting in D.C. traffic coming to a total standstill.

Washington DC’s leftist Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has allowed  and encouraged protests, and ceded control of a street to Black Lives Matter.

But they should be careful what they wish for – a bloody civil war will be more costly than any of these people can possibly imagine. One dead protester on a freeway in the middle of the night in Seattle is just a taste of what will come if they continue this direction. Those in the “silent majority” are becoming extremely fed up.

One Twitter user summed it up:

“Society has fallen apart. Can we just have this war already and bring civilization back??” @david_commodore

The following video by a Black gentleman says it all. Pay close attention to what he says:

“Together, we must ensure that we live up to the ideals of our Declaration of Independence and do all that we can to protect and preserve the freedoms that make our country the greatest in the world.” President Trump on Independence Day 2020



Featured photo: Screenshot of Black Lives Matter protesters throwing their middle finger at the fireworks display at the Washington Monument via  @Julio_Rosas11 video.


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