Black Friday is a Killer…Literally

By Faye Higbee

This Black Friday is one for the record books  with sales expected to top $3Billion, and it’s not even over. All across the nation, people were fighting in the traditional Black Friday spectacles. But this year it turned deadly, as at least four people were shot, two of them fatally.

Of course we don’t really know if they were Black Friday inspired, probably more like gang violence. Unless these so-called adults have taken their anger over bargains out on other patrons.  Even so, it was a long night and day.

Stores opened last night after Thanksgiving dinner…which invited chaos. One person was shot in a road rage incident at a Walmart parking lot in Reno, Nevada. Then there was the shooting in Tennessee at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis at around 11:15 p.m. Then there was the shooting in South Jersey near the Macy’s outside the Hamilton Mall in which one person was killed.

According to the Daily Mail,


  • A man was shot dead and his brother was wounded at a Macy’s store in New Jersey during an early morning shooting on Friday
  • A person was shot dead in a road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Reno, Nevada on Thursday night
  • A man suffered a gunshot wound after shots were fired in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday around 11.15pm
  • Video emerged showing people fighting over everything, including towels worth just $1.60 
  • Online sales are expected to hit $3billion for the first time ever as an increase in mobile shopping may bring in a record-breaking $1billion alone 

In video apparently recorded inside a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia, showed shoppers fighting over towels that were on sale for $1.60 during the Black Friday rush on Thursday.

At one point, one woman so eager to get her hands on a towels that she fell into the box.

Meanwhile, shoppers at a Walmart in Houston broke into an all-out melee on Black Friday, as customers battled it out for some $99 kiddie convertibles. 

On Friday, most stores opened their doors around 6am for what is still one of the busiest days of the year, even as the start of the holiday season edges ever earlier.

Some stores, including Sears, Bass Bro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bealls opened as early as 5am while stores such as Hobby Lobby and some Nordstrom locations had a later start at 8am.

In this video, watch for the scene where someone is so excited over the bargain that she fell face first in the bin with only her legs showing over towels for $1.60.  Seriously. These are adults?

Or the Columbus Mississippi fight:

Or Flat Screen TVs and other assorted items:

Here’s a California mall…

And a compilation