Black Filmmaker’s Twisted Understanding of Castro

By Faye Higbee

Not all in Cuba is cigars, dancing in the streets and lying around on the beaches. In fact, for the dissidents, Cuba has been a place of deep sorrow. But one idiot, black filmmaker Tariq Nasheed – host of “Hidden Colors,” thinks he has the perfect knowledge of history when he opened his Sunday night radio show with “When Castro came, he treated everyone equally and there wasn’t none of that racist shit.” 

Mr. Nasheed is not living on the same planet as we are. Probably in an alternate universe.


Tariq Nasheed


Here’s the truth:

Castro was racist. If you don’t think so, why did he only have lighter skinned folks in his family? He was a huge womanizer, and Cuba is full of his offspring – but they are Caucasian or lighter skinned Hispanic.

Castro’s family


Castro the womanizer

Then the statement that he “treated everyone equally” – if that were true, why was he literally worth millions and millions of dollars while telling his citizens that he lived liked they did? Cubans are in abject poverty – none of it trickled down to them.

An Australian news media reprted,

“A prodigious womaniser and food connoisseur who kept some 20 luxurious properties throughout the Caribbean — including a private island he used to visit on his beautiful yacht — Castro was a complete fraud.

The man who spent his life railing against the excesses of capitalism lived like a king — and a very debauched one at that…

On the mainland, his grand homes included an ‘immense’ Havana estate with a rooftop bowling alley, personal hospital and indoor basketball court, and a seaside villa with pool, jacuzzi and sauna. His most notorious home was Unit 160, or Punto Cero, a fortress-like compound which wasn’t just the HQ for his torture and surveillance regime, but also housed his own ice-cream factory.

Yep. Equality. The Communist way. It’s that way in EVERY Communist country, in case you were wondering. The wealthy elite at the top, poverty at the bottom. No equality anywhere.

The Ladies in White

Nasheed has no idea what he’s even talking about. Castro’s imprisonment and murder of dissidents — those who did not agree with his “revolution,” inspired one group of mothers, wives, daughters, sisters of political dissidents: The Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco).

Although Raul Castro continues to claim there are no political prisoners in Cuba, the Ladies in White carry pictures of their loved ones on their marches. They march every week, and even if their loved ones have been released on plea bargains, they continue to march.

Why ladies in white? Are they racist too? No, their outfits are about purity, and the fight for justice – the REAL fight for justice (something Mr. Nasheed is oblivious to) is their goal.

For this, the Ladies are arrested nearly every Sunday, beaten and dragged into buses by state police.

On some occasions, the Ladies are attacked with tar, punched, and scratched by a mob…

The Ladies in White have made clear that they will continue advocating for the liberties of those imprisoned by the communist regime. They have taken one extraordinary measure in light of Castro’s death, however: for the first time in 13 years, they did not march on Sunday. While exiled Ladies in White celebrated his death in Miami, Soler said she called off the march “so that the government does not take it as a provocation and so that they can pay their tributes.” Breitbart article


One of the ladies in white was tarred- note: she is not Caucasian.


Mr. Nasheed is sadly mistaken in his viewpoint. Communism produces death and destruction for all races. That is the only part of “equality” that fits Communism.






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