Biden’s DHS: “No Crisis at the Border.” Except for the Crisis at the Border

Faye Higbee
crisis at the border

Move along, nothing to see here. Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas claims there is “no crisis at the border.” Except that there is a huge crisis at the border because of a) covid, b) unaccompanied minors, and c) illegals being released into the United States. That’s not counting the drug issue that seems to have increased. The Border Patrol detained nearly 100,000 migrants in February 2021 (VOA).


The number of Covid-positive illegals released into the US has jumped to 185, up from the 108 previously reported last week. The “Remain-in-Mexico” policy from the Trump administration has been removed, and facilities in Mexico that were keeping the migrants are closing. One such camp in Matamoros closed Sunday, sending most of the 800 migrants across the border and on into the US.

The Biden administration claims that Trump promoted “inhumane” policies on illegals. Yet Biden’s policies are worse. They are still separating children from families even after Trump’s Executive order stopped that policy early on. Who’s “keeping kids in cages” now? Republicans have been begging Biden to reinstate the emergency declaration over the border. (Shhh, he’s taking a nap).

The administration has rolled back the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which kept migrants in Mexico as they waited for their hearings to process, and has narrowed enforcement priorities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE.) Additionally, Mexico’s refusal to accept additional families with children under age 12 in areas where migrants camps grow increasingly large has contributed to the release of families into the interior of the U.S.

Additionally, it has ended asylum agreements with Northern Triangle countries and proposed a sweeping immigration proposal that would see citizenship granted to millions of illegal immigrants.


Democrats: Crisis at the border? What crisis?

Facilities to house the minors are at capacity under Covid protocols, and the CDC issued a memo to the HHS Office of Refurgee Resettlement that allows them to increase past 50% all the way to 100%. But they are also told to expect Covid cases. The memo encouraged authorities to test children, follow 14-day quarantine guidelines, wear masks, improve ventilation and isolate those who test positive.

The memo, drafted on CDC letterhead and set for imminent delivery, said the “only available options” for housing minors who cross the border without their parents are “prolonged stays at facilities operating significantly above COVID-19 capacities.”

The other alternative is increasing capacity at other shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services above what their own coronavirus protocols allow.

The CDC says there is an assumed higher risk of migrant kids getting the virus at Border Patrol centers, and it alludes to other safety concerns with those facilities. It concludes the HHS shelters are the safer option, even with increased capacity.

The CDC says these facilities, operated by HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, “may temporarily increase capacity to full licensed capacity … while implementing and adhering to strict COVID-19 mitigation measures.”


The Border Patrol is receiving approximately 321 children per day, which is up from around 47 per day the first week of January. The CDC advised that as of March 1, the Border Patrol facilities were already over capacity, and have no more room to properly “social distance” or mitigate the spread of Covid. The CDC feels the ORR is a safer place to put children than the CBP facilities.

So the plan is to allow the ORR facilities to open completely. The administration is also looking to send some of the children to a military facility in Virginia for temporary housing. Deja vu… Obama did that all across the country regardless of health concerns back then.

So to reiterate: is there a crisis at the border? Yes. Will the Biden administration do anything about it? If, by that you mean reinstate Trump’s restrictions, not a chance. They will deny, confabulate, and bs their way through it at the expense of Americans.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Fox

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