Biden Team: “De-emphasize the Military as an Instrument of National Power”

Faye Higbee
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If Biden actually gets in office, that whole “peace through strength” idea will die a horrible death. His team plans to “de-emphasize the military” and bring diplomacy forward. Which simply means that the four years of gains to the military will be a thing of the past. The United States will once again have their military crippled, just as Obama did for his 8 year term. He has added a retired general to his short list for SecDef.

“Biden is considering retired four-star General Lloyd Austin as his nominee for defense secretary, adding him to a shortlist that includes Jeh Johnson, Tammy Duckworth and Michele Flournoy.  The Biden team wants to elevate diplomacy and de-emphasize the military as an instrument of national power.” Axios

Axios also reported:

“Biden’s top advisers feel pressure to announce an African American to a prominent Cabinet role. Earlier this week, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), a top ally, said he was disappointed more African Americans had not been included in Biden’s early selections.

  • Austin would be the first Black secretary of defense in American history.
  • The former head of U.S. Central Command, Austin retired from the Army in 2016. He would need a congressional waiver to serve, just as President Trump’s first defense secretary, James Mattis, required as a recent military retiree.
  • Flournoy was never a foregone conclusion for secretary despite some media reporting suggesting the job was already hers.
  • The president-elect does not have the same deep, long-term relationship with her as he does, for example, with Tony Blinken, Flournoy’s former business partner and Biden’s nominee for secretary of state.

But, but, but: Flournoy, a former top Pentagon official, remains in contention, as do Johnson, a former Homeland Security secretary, and Duckworth, an Illinois senator and combat veteran of the Iraq War.”

The Biden team announcement that they were looking at bringing diplomacy forward and the policy to “de-emphasize the military” sounds much like Obama is back.

de-emphasize the military

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What happened last time?

In the “sequester,” the American military was damaged so badly that they have been pressing hard to come out from under the limitations since then. Aircraft maintenance was tanked. Training was minimal, in spite of being deployed to what Trump calls “endless wars.” Social experiments diminished our warfighters. Obama fired literally hundreds of leaders, leaving many who followed a milktoast attitude not normally attributed to the US Military. NASA was turned into a social program instead of a space program. We do not need, nor want this to happen again. Our National Security is at stake.

The Daily Wire reported a statement by Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary, about Joe Biden, “I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

So what we appear to have here is a dementia-ridden candidate who thinks he’s president already and his team who have decided that the US Military isn’t as important as diplomats. Based on the corruption level with the Biden crime family, “de-emphasize the military” is just another cog in the mechanism that needs to be rejected by the American public.

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