Biden Plans to Increase Gas Supply… By Authorizing a Type of Gas that Shouldn’t be Used in Many Cars

Faye Higbee
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E15 gas is 15% Ethanol. Biden plans to authorize it this summer via the EPA in an attempt to increase the gas supply amid skyrocketing gas prices. Which simply proves that Biden has never read an owner’s manual. Many cars have the statement: “Do not use ethanol over 10% in this vehicle.” This writer’s car manual has that statement, and it’s a 2019 model.

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GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis Patrick De Haan said car owners should consult their owner’s manuals before filling up on E15, especially to ensure you’re not doing something that could void your car’s warranty later on…

E15 gas contains slightly less energy than standard E10 gasoline, according to a 2009 study from the federal government. This means you’re going to get slightly lower fuel economy with E15, which means you could need to fill up more frequently….

E15 is meant to be a cleaner form of gasoline because it includes biofuel — which is considered “carbon neutral” — and it does burn cleaner than 100% gasoline. But using it actually creates more ground-level air pollution...

“When gas is exposed to sunlight, especially in summer months — it’s converted into ozone smog,” said Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Transport Campaign at the Center for Biological Diversity.


Biden plans: A history of killing the oil and gas industry (while replacing it with something worse)

In 2019, the US Oil and Gas output was at 13 million barrels. Currently the industry is fighting to maintain 12 million barrels as the Biden administration has worked to put up blockages, according to Jerry Simmons, president and CEO of Domestic Energy Producers Alliance. Biden plans will not help.

“The idea that you ask some of those foreign countries to produce before you ask American producers to produce. I don’t know … if you look at the Green New Deal, and some of the kind of really far-left green organizations that might have an influence over the Biden administration, they want us to keep it in the ground,” Simmons said.

“But again, if you’re concerned about climate change and global CO2 emissions, just because it’s produced in another country doesn’t mean that it’s not going to have the same impact. So it doesn’t make any sense.”

He emphasized that U.S. oil and gas producers operate under some of the strictest environmental regulations on the planet and have to meet much higher standards that promote the protection of the environment.

Some of the solutions being put forward now to ease the burden of crippling gas prices are absolutely not going to be much help to American families, Simmons told NTD.

“California is a great example,” he said. “Just a few years ago, Californians were importing less than 10 percent of the oil that they consumed—mostly in transportation. And today I think that number is like 68 percent, and most of that oil is coming from Saudi Arabia by a tanker … so they’re floating boats from the Middle East to the West Coast of this country to refine a product so that Governor Newsom can not have the production in California, which makes no sense at all.

The Epoch Times

In true Biden fashion, nothing he does helps Americans, and actually makes things worse. Authorizing E15 gas is just one move that does nothing to help most American families unless they own a Flex-fuel vehicle. Flex-fuel vehicles average $28,500 but their gas mileage is lower than some models on straight gas – as an example, our current vehicle gets up to around 30-32 mph, and no, it’s not flex-fuel. An FFV “gets a gasoline city/highway fuel economy of 20/28 mpg and 14/20 mpg when operating on E85.” Whoopee.


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