Biden Internet VP Post: A Couple of Odd Things

By Faye Higbee

Benny Johnson from Turning Point noticed some odd things about Joe Biden’s internet VP post on Tuesday. (Fox) They’re not THAT odd, but they are a bit of fun, so here we go.

First, was Joe still in his basement or did he graduate to the upper floor? Second, Joe had a script clearly visible. But the script could have been for the announcement, probably not for the conversation itself (maybe). Then there was the cartoon in the background of person screaming “Why Me!” Only one side of the cartoon is visible.

Reportedly, the Hagar The Horrible cartoon has helped Joe Biden through times of grief, according to PBS.

“Biden says for decades, he’s kept a cartoon of Hagar the Horrible on his desk. In one frame, Hagar stands beside his ship, driven into the rocks by a storm, yelling “why me?” into the clouds as lightning roars behind him. In the next frame, a voice from the skies asks: “Why not?”

It’s a reminder that “a lot of people are going through a lot worse than you’re going through, and the way they get through it is … they have people reach out, touch them, give them solace,” Biden said.”

Solace from a cartoon. Ok. Connecting with the Man Upstairs is a better idea, but oh well. Biden is a diehard Democrat. They do things different.

While Benny thought he didn’t know how to hold an iPhone, the Democrats said it was either a poor connection, or he was making sure someone else could hear the conversation. It was the internet VP post that made it look weird.

The presidency might go something like this if he were to win(healthy dose of sarcasm here)(Please God, don’t let that happen):

Joe: Hello, Kamala?

Kamala: Who is this?

Joe: Huh? You… know…the…the… the thing.

Kamala: Turn your video on, whoever you are.

Joe: Where’s the button? (hollers at staff) Hey, isn’t there a button to click on to get the …the…picture on?

Staff: Joe, let me get the lights on for you first… There you go. You’ve already clicked the video on.

Kamala: Oh, there you are, Joe.

Joe: Where? Who are you?  Oh. Ok. Never mind. I shouldn’t have said that.

Kamala: C’mon Joe, quit kiddin’ around.

Joe: (blank expression, then remembers) Oh yeah. I just wanted to know why you pulled the plug on all the federal agents. I’m missing my Secret Service Detail this morning.

Kamala: Tough beans, Joe. I also dissolved the military. We don’t need them. I have an agreement with somebody or another that you’ll have to sign.

Joe: Oh, OK. Everything’s fine, then. Thanks, Kamala. Do you suppose I could get out of this basement for a while?

Kamala: Nope, not good for you, Joe. You might catch the Wu-Flu, or have a heart attack. That bar on the door is for your own good.

Joe: Oh. Bye now, you lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier.

Democrats took exception to Benny Johnson’s tweet and explained it all away. Which is fine – it’s campaign season and nothing is off limits these days. But the basement thing is worrisome.

Rep Doug Collins tweeted:

@JoeBiden, quick question. Does @KamalaHarris  have to stay with you in the basement or does she have to get her own?

And there you have it, folks it’s going to be a long 3 months.


Featured Photo: Screenshot via Twitter @bennyjohnson


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