Biden Fell Off His Bicycle. After He Came to a Stop.

Faye Higbee

Part of the ritual of growing up is falling off a bicycle. I know, I’ve done it before. But it’s usually when I’m moving. Biden fell off his bicycle after he stopped. He said it was because his foot got caught in the pedal. (He had toe clips on his bike pedals). Twitter users had a field day with it.

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“Wait; he fell AFTER stopping?”


Yes, he fell AFTER stopping.

The responses to this tweet and others like it were…. entertaining:

  • “An attempt to make him appear vibrant, alert and active fails miserably.”
  • “He’s doing an impression of all Americans 401ks under his leadership.”
  • “See what happens when you go green.”
  • “Climate change has caused this embarrassment!”
  • “Was this Trump’s or Putin’s fault?”
  • “I am old enough to remember when they all screamed for the 25th when Trump slipped”
  • reply: “Please don’t do anything that would make Harris take over.”
  • “Is the bike okay?”
  • #bikewon
  • “You would think one of his nine supporters or one of the 150 Secret Service agents could’ve caught him on his way down.”
  • “The most powerful man in the world????”
  • “Does he get his foot stuck on a pedal when he goes up the stairs of Air Force 1?”
  • “No bueno? Or no brain-o??”
  • “POTUS: I once rode in the Tour de France, and had a terrible fall it nearly cost me my life! Right after i was accepted into Annapolis ..”
  • “It happened. He was down in the polls and now he is down in the grounds…”
  • If he was an avid rider then he would know to lean bike toward loose foot, not the other way. Just sayin
Toe clips

The sad fact is that there were toe clips on his pedals, and they do tend to catch your foot at dismount. An elderly person shouldn’t use them. However it’s embarassing that the so-called “leader of the free world” has difficulty getting off a bicycle after it was stopped. At least if he had been moving, the jokes would have been kinder. Well…maybe not.


Featured screenshot via Twitter

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