Biden Cowardice: Caves to Taliban Over Deadline. Taliban Claims No More Afghans Can Leave.

Faye Higbee

In a total disregard for lives, Biden advised on Tuesday that he was not extending the deadline to finish the evacuation by August 31st. The military is concerned that they will not have time to leave or finish the mission. On top of it, the Taliban has threatened that we must leave by the 31st with Americans only- they say no more Afghans will be allowed to leave. Biden cowardice may leave Americans behind.

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Biden cowardice

“We are asking the Americans: Change your policy and please don’t encourage Afghans to leave,” the spokesman said through a translator. “Don’t encourage our engineers, our doctors, our military. We need them. We need their talent. Do not take them out to foreign countries.”

“The way to the airport has been closed now. Afghans are not allowed to go there now. Foreigners are allowed to go, but we have stopped Afghans nationals to go because the crowd is more. There is danger that people will lose their lives,” he continued.

Mujahid accused the Americans of shooting “at people” at the crowds of people at the airport. He said the Taliban wants people “to be safe from this.” However, media reports suggest the Taliban has beaten crowds and fired weapons into the air amid the chaotic situation near the Kabul airport.

On Monday, the Taliban again declared they do not want the U.S. extending the withdrawal deadline, although it seems necessary in order to successfully evacuate everyone from the country. 

Daily Caller

Tuesday, Biden announced he wasn’t planning to extend the deadline, even though the Military is concerned that they may not have time to get everyone and all the hardware out in time. There are 5,800 troops, along with Apache helicopters, etc at the Kabul airport. The deadline is one week away. The problem is that the US will have to start departing on Friday in order to meet the deadline. That may leave more Americans behind.

Rep Dan Crenshaw had a special statement for the Taliban:

The only proper response from America to these dirty savage terrorists should be: Go f*** yourself.

Rep Dan Crenshaw R-TX

Biden cowardice will ultimately get people killed. While some are not thrilled at all the refugees coming into the US from this debacle, if Americans are left behind because Biden is a total loser, there will be real repercussions in this country. We believe Rep Crenshaw is correct: the Taliban should be told to ”go f*** yourself.” Deadline be damned.


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