Biden Appears to OK Minor Incursion of Russia into Ukraine. Permission Granted?

Faye Higbee
minor incursion

Biden’s “press conference” on Wednesday had some messy moments, but the biggest mess was when Biden stated that a minor incursion by Russia into Ukraine would be met with less response than a full scale invasion. It came at a time when Russia has moved troops into Belarus in addition to the troops it has already placed along the Ukraine border.

Biden said that while he believes an invasion is imminent, the United States is prepared to impose significant economic consequences should Russia move forward. But, he clarified, a “minor incursion” by the Russians would elicit a softer response from the U.S. than that of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“Biden is attacking the legitimacy of American elections while signaling Putin to try a ‘minor incursion’ in Ukraine. None of this is normal. None of this is OK,” National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin responded.

“Biden just appeared to okay a ‘minor’ Russian incursion of Ukraine. So, invasion of an independent neighbor nation is bad. An incursion is OK with this president,” conservative commentator Andrew Malcolm agreed.

“Biden’s comments suggesting that a ‘minor incursion’ of Ukraine might not draw as vigorous a response as a full-scale invasion will trigger a lot of angst in the region, particularly in Kyiv,” New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker wrote.


Russia, China, and Iran are often partnering up these days. That’s not helping. Do sanctions really help? It’s a question we have to ask in the case of Russia.

Ukraine- ripe for invasion? Or just a minor incursion?

The United States has promised to send more troops and weapons to Ukraine in the face of a possible Russian invasion according to the Military Times. Special Operations forces uncer SOCEUR have operated out of a US base in Kyiv for some time as advisors to train Ukrainian forces. There are also around 100 National Guard troops from Florida there as well.(Stripes) Any minor incursion into Ukraine could set off a powderkeg, in spite of Biden’s statement.

Meanwhile, Russia moved more troops into nearby Belarus for “military exercises” on January 18. (NBC) Which was the same excuse used to move thousands of Russian troops to the border of Ukraine. The Biden administration believes that invasion is imminent, but is it? Is this administration being played or are they correct in their assessment? And why did Biden tell the world that a “minor incursion” would not be met with major consequences (he has a habit of stupidity, but that blunder is over the top)?

Biden also mentoned that the midterm elections would be “illegitimate.” That was a hint, folks, that they will push the narrative that Democrats should have won in what is expected to be a red wave. Buckle up, America. it’s going to get much rockier from here on out.

minor incursion


Featured screenshot via NBC of Russian and Belaruain troops doing a joint exercise on Jan 18

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