Biden Already Holding Talks With Iran to Return to Nuclear Deal

Joe Biden’s team has already been in talks with Iran over coming back to the Iranian Nuclear Deal (JCPOA). The surrender of the United States to the agenda of the terrorist regime has been ongoing since the election (maybe before). Last time we sent them big money.

If we just go back to the JCPOA, what will happen and may already be happening is that many other countries in the Middle East will rush to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. That is a nightmare and that is folly. It should not happen.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama signed the agreement despite fierce protest from Israel, and had a rocky relationship with Jerusalem and Netanyahu, while the premier and Trump have been in lockstep on most Middle East policy issues.

The prospect of the US reengaging with Tehran has drawn warnings and alarm from Netanyahu and his allies…

…Likud MK Tzachi Hanegbi said Wednesday the incoming US administration must not “appease” Iran, and warned Tehran the Jewish state will not tolerate its military presence in Syria or its development of nuclear weapons.

In one of the most forceful statements recently made by an Israeli official, Hanegbi, considered an ally of Netanyahu, threatened that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program if the United States rejoined the nuclear deal.

Times of Israel
The Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran

Iran claims that it has begun the process of enriching uranium to 20%, which is beyond the level agreed to in the JCPOA. Britain, France, and Germany expressed concern on Saturday that Iran has no “credible civilian use for the uranium.” Will Israel take them out? The Trump administration assured Israel that they have no plans for a preemptive strike.

The production of uranium metal has potentially grave military implications.

Joint Statement of Britain, France, and Germany via Breitbart

Remember that for the first part of Trump’s presidency, former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry engaged in talks with Iranian officials as well, in violation of the Logan Act. It appears they never really stopped. Iran wants all sanctions removed if we return to the JCPOA.

john kerry

Any appeasement to a terrorist regime is a huge problem for America.

An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

Winston Churchill


Featured photo: Screenshot of Iran’s Rouhani and Joe Biden

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