Biden Administration Floats Russia Buying Enriched Uranium from Iran.

Faye Higbee

At a time when Vladimir Putin has threatened the possibility of nuclear war over Ukraine, the Biden administration floats the possiblity of Russia buying enriched uranium from Iran. The Biden administration is so desperate to get a revised nuclear deal that they simply have lost their minds.

Would it be a practical role for Russia to play the same role that it did in the JCPOA prior to the decision to withdraw from it, essentially to accept and to pay for the highly enriched uranium to get it out of Iran’s hands so that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon? I think that’s a role we’d be willing to entertain. Yes.

Ned Price, State Department spokesman (Fox)

If you’re shaking your head in amazement over that statement, you’re not the only one. When the original JCPOA was created in 2015, Russia had invaded and annexed Crimea the year before. They were given the green light to purchase Iran’s enriched uranium in that “nuclear deal” in order to “prevent” Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. It wasn’t particularly effective even then as Iran continued their nuke program anyway. But at that time, at least Putin did not threaten to use nuclear weapons as he has now.

Currently, Russia has caused even more immense suffering and death in Ukraine while threatening the possibility of using nuclear weapons. Enriched uranium is one of the components for nuclear weapons, remember? Giving them access to even more fissionable material is an act of extreme foolishness given the circumstances today. When the Biden administration floats the idea, you know that’s what they are planning. Do they still think Putin is our friend?

Now, you have a situation where they’re saying Russia can buy enriched uranium to stop Iran. That’s the message coming from Jake Sullivan…but Putin is the one who’s threatening nuclear warfare. This doesn’t make any sense. 

Rep Brad Wenstrup, (R-OH) Breitbart

The Biden administration has made one misstep after another not only in foreign policy, but domestic as well. They’ve already agreed to lift the billions in sanctions from Iran, which Iran will simply use for their state-sponsored terrorism. The world is about to become a much more dangerous place.


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