Berkeley City Bans Natural Gas, Removes Gender References in City Code

Berkeley City in California has always been loony, but they may have exceed their own craziness. For the original home of the “Free Speech” movement, they have no free speech. They don’t have energy efficiency either. They’ve banned natural gas, and stripped the city code of all references to gender. Enter: the “maintenance hole” instead of “manhole.”

Natural Gas is now a no-no in new buildings

CNS News reported:

On Tuesday, the council approved an ordinance proposed by Councilmember Kate Harrison, effective January 1, 2020, on any new buildings, requiring all new buildings built to have electric infrastructure and banning natural gas energy:

RECOMMENDATION 1. Adopt an ordinance adding a new Chapter 12.80 to the Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) prohibiting natural gas infrastructure in new buildings with an effective date of January 1, 2020.

2. Refer to the November 2019 budget process for consideration of allocating up to $273,341 per year from excess equity to fund a two-year position in the Building & Safety Division of the Department of Planning and Development. The staff person will assist with implementing the gas prohibition ordinance and reach codes, and perform other duties as specified in the Financial Implications section of this item.

Sigh. Natural gas is an energy efficient fuel and produces less emissions than other fossil fuels. Natural gas can be used even when the electricity is out if the system is set up properly. That probably doesn’t matter to the people on a rush to save the world from “climate change.”

Gender References

Not only have they lost their minds for energy, they can’t seem to stop censoring speech. Fireman becomes firefighter. Spokesman becomes spokesperson. Bondsman becomes bondsperson. Pregnant woman is now a pregnant employee. Heirs are beneficiaries. Policeman is now formally police officer.

Screenshot of Berkeley city code via KTVU

The descent of left wing cities and states into crazytown is almost complete. The push to be “inclusive” has gone so far left that it’s ridiculous. They are trying to MANDATE understanding and tolerance — which cannot be done without becoming intolerant.

Featured photo of Berkeley, California, screenshot YouTube