“We could have been there” – the Benghazi Narrative Challenged Again

By Faye Higbee

“We could have been there” – the Benghazi Narrative Challenged Again

We’ve heard the narratives about “no assets were available.” We’re reported about the lies, the stand down orders, the lack of truth in any portion of the Benghazi narrative by the government. In a Fox News article by Adam Housley Thursday morning, a member of the squadron that was based in Aviano, Italy says they could have been there at least for the second wave of mortar attacks that killed Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

benghazi narrative

Liars all

Fox News reported,

His squadron got the alert: a “real world mission was going down.”

The team – at Aviano Air Base in northeastern Italy – raced to the field and was briefed, as planes were armed and prepared to launch. Hundreds of miles away, fellow Americans were under attack in Benghazi.

“There were people everywhere,” said the witness, who was on the ground that night but wished to remain anonymous. “That flight line was full of people, and we were all ready to go” to Benghazi.

Only they were waiting for the order. It never came.

“The whole night we were told that we are waiting on a call,” he told Fox News.

Challenging the narrative

The narrative of the military and the State Department Accountability Review Board was that their response was “timely and appropriate.” They claimed that there were no “refueling tankers” available that night. But the Fox News source stated that there were areas available for “hot pit maneuvers” in which they could have landed, refueled and made it in time, at least by the second wave of attacks.

A Delta Force member told Fox News about that night – that with all the military forces sitting at ready, the stand down had to come from a politician somewhere.

“For some reason they were all shut down, and I think it leads back to a policymaker somewhere because nobody in the military is going to shut down an operation… We had hours and hours and hours to do something … and we did nothing.” ‘Mike’ a member of Delta Force in the region on September 11, 2012

There reportedly are people who want to spill the beans, but have not done so until now due to fear of reprisals. Rep. Trey Gowdy says he’s been frustrated trying to find witnesses that will talk.

Democrats say the Benghazi hearings are a waste of time. They are a reminder that politicians, of which Hillary was the main player,  allowed 4 Americans to be murdered. #NeverHillary