Ben Goldstein – Israel, Living With Terror

By Faye Higbee

Ben Goldstein is the founder of Israeli Combat Training, and a passionate defender of Israel. A former member of the IDF, he volunteers with his Judean community counter terror response team day and night to make sure his community is safe. He is probably the most upbeat security trainer who lives in the midst of terrorists you will ever meet. He is originally from Memphis, Tennessee.

When Ben was 13 years old, he saw 2 IDF soldiers at his Bar Mitzvah while at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. At that moment he decided he wanted to be like them. At the age of 18, he went to Israel to join the IDF. After his years of service, he stayed in Israel until his wedding, and then had to return to the US to start a business and put food on the table for his family.

When 9-11-2001 occurred, and he watched the twin towers collapse, he knew he had to confront the evil head on. That was the impetus for his continued service in Israel.

He and his family have been living in Judea, Israel, since 2011.

Israel is literally surrounded by terrorists: Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS. Constant vigilance is what it takes to always be aware of the danger.

At least 60% of the local Arabs actively support terrorism and believe in the destruction of Israel. There has been a spike in violence recently due to the Jerusalem riots, but Israel is combat ready and has years of experience dealing with terror.

“Jerusalem can have a riot at any minute and my area can be the scene of a terror attack any day. But my security team is armed, primed and ready for action while still living peaceful, normal lives.” Ben

Ben couldn’t tell us how many are in his IDF sanctioned security team, just that he had a “sizable number” many of which are veterans of Israeli Special Forces units.

“We are a Jewish community, so my team is all Jewish. The IDF is made up of different religions but this is specifically a Jewish community in the hills of Judea, and being in Israel, seeing all Jewish communities is very normal.” Ben


After the shooting of police officers on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the stabbings of both citizens and security officers, Ben takes the charge to keep his community safe personally. The patrols, the technology they use, keep them safer. But they don’t rely on the perimeter fence or cameras or radar to keep them safe from terror. They are always vigilant, always ready to protect their people, as a family.

They also use Israel’s “predictive profiling” – something which our own TSA could learn from. They engage people on a personal basis with questions to see if someone is lying, and are careful students of body language and eye contact.

“In Israel we use a technique called ‘predictive profiling’. The TSA, for instance, does not. We look at statistics, body language, ask questions to confuse a web of lies, eye movements, and other signs because we ask questions that the people have to answer. It’s not racial profiling, it’s something that tells us whether someone may be lying and then leads to additional security methods.” Ben

Never Again

Ben told us his family were sent to the ovens in WWII. He vows never again, and says he will not live in hiding. But political correctness has “infested” the process in Israel, making their rules of engagement “ridiculous.”  He also told us that Bethlehem has ‘fallen.’ What once was a community that was 95% Christian, it is now 93% Muslim and the Christians are afraid to go out at night or even come to tour Bethlehem.

“Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, not the made up ‘Palestine,’  hundreds of years before Mohammed.” Ben

[Note the sign behind Ben in this picture says forbidden to enter for Israelis – that sign is at the entrance to Bethlehem.]

What the future holds for Israel

In spite of the enemies surrounding the country, Ben is optimistic about Israel. He told us though many Arab nations are slaughtering each other, and have directed their hatred toward them, Israel is constantly producing. Israeli Jews are at the forefront of breakthroughs in business, technology, science, medicine, and literature.

“We are complex, stubborn, and strong…And we are not the same as the Jews of Europe in WWII. We protect and defend ourselves and we will always do so.” Ben Goldstein

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