Beale Air Force Base Evacuated Due to Wildfire

beale air force base

An All Clear was finally issued yesterday after Beale Air Force Base was evacuated due to a wildfire that broke out in Placer County, California. Drought conditions have left extremely dry conditions across the state, and wildfires are possible already at the very start of the fire season.

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The wildfire that scorched onto the base devastated several areas and grew to 500 acres in a short period of time. It began at around 2:00 p.m. on June 8 at Intanko Lane near Marysville, California and by 7:30 p.m. last night had burned 950 acres.

Beale Air Force Base posted the timeline on Facebook from the beginning:

UPDATE: FIRE ON BASE NEW EVACUATION POINT: By order of the Beale AFB Fire Chief, all housing residents east of East Garryanna in base housing must immediately evacuate to the *BASE GYM*There is a wildland fire heading directly toward that area.

GATE CLOSURE – VASSAR LAKE GATE Due to the wildland fire, the Vassar Lake Gate will be closed until further notice.

We are still evaluating the situation, some residents most impacted by smoke or potential hot spots through the evening may be authorized off-base lodging reimbursement. We will post information as soon as possible on which addresses will be authorized reimbursement for overnight hotel stays. Until that information goes out, we cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed.

FIRE UPDATE: There are only 3 current evacuation points..1) Fitness Center2) Community Activity Center3) Recce Point. No on base structures have been lost. The fire is currently about 150 yards south of Lone Tree Elementary, shifting winds and hot spots are challenging full containment but our Fire Dawgs are making great progress towards getting under control. Residents in homes not evacuated should remain vigilant, but we do not anticipate any further evacuations. We are initiating a Total Force (all units on installation) telephone recall, pls check in with your units.

The fire is now contained on base. Our bio environmental flight is currently sampling the air quality in impacted areas. If the air quality is acceptable we intend to allow members to return to their homes when the fire department gives us the ok (in about an hour). If any residents determine their home is uninhabitable due to safety concerns created by fire/smoke, you must notify your unit commander before 2200 hrs tonight. For those cases, we will issue an evacuation order for your home to authorize reimbursement for a night at a hotel subject to standard local per diem/lodging rates.

ALL CLEAR. The Fire Department has cleared evacuated residents to return back to homes. Pls stay inside your homes tonight for better AQI. If you deem your home uninhabitable tonight due to safety concerns relating to smoke/fire, pls contact your unit commander with the specifics of the situation and your address so we can add you to an mandatory evacuation letter for per diem/lodging reimbursement.

UPDATED FIRE MESSAGE:The partial on-base housing evacuation order resulting from a wildfire has been lifted as of 6:30 p.m. and individuals are authorized to return to their homes.The lifting of the evacuation order was determined based off on the Air Quality Index in the affected areas. Homes have been deemed safe for individuals to return, however, it is recommended that individuals stay inside their homes for the remainder of the evening. Individuals who believe their home is uninhabitable based on their family situation should contact their chain of command to determine alternative and reimbursable options for housing before 10:00 pm. this evening.The base fire department, in conjunction with Cal Fire and other local fire departments, contained the base portion of wildfire. There are no structural damages of on-base facilities at this time.Cal Fire has reported the fire began off base near the Vassar Lake Gate.Vassar Lake Gate has re-opened under its normal hours of operation.

No base structures were lost in the fire, and only one off base house was destroyed. But a reminder – it’s fire season.


Featured photo: PG&E view of the #InTanko wildfire near Beale Air Force Base

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