BAT Defense Presents: Demo Day May 4 for Mil/LEO

By Faye Higbee

For those who are in the military or law enforcement, BAT Defense is putting on a product demonstration day on May 4 at 9:00 a.m..  If that sounds boring…get a load of this: there will be shooting from a helicopter, a live fire exercise using frangible ammo inside a shoot house, hands on with sniper rifles, etc… it’s something you don’t want to miss. And it will definitely not be boring. But it’s only for military or law enforcement.

We spoke with Jeff Cotto at BAT Defense, who told us that their aim is to help law enforcement come up to speed on some of the training that is available in the industry. They have found that some LEOs in the nation are “behind the power curve” and have not been afforded the extra training for say, shooting on the run, or in and around vehicles. The event will demonstrate some of these actions.

Then there is the military who have had the training, but need to keep up on their skills.

 “After over a decade of war, we want to show our military how to hone their skills.”

The demonstrations will include using a sniper rifle from a bench (sorry, boys, no Gilley suit), generic rifle and pistol exhibitions showing different products, clearing rooms, and other tactical information.

Here is the exact list of demos that will be covered:

– Aerial Target Interdiction (Aerial Platform Marksmanship)
– Long Range Target Interdiction (Sniper Rifles)
– Vehicle Dynamics (shooting in & around vehicles)
– CQB (shooting in a ballistic shoot house)
– Rifle and pistol demos

You’ll need to hurry to grab one of the available slots: email or call 321-693-7458 asap to reserve a spot. Slots are limited.

There are numerous sponsors of this event. This is the list:

– Daniel Defense (rifles)
– UM Tactical (rifles)
– Falkor Defense (rifles)
– Oakley SI
– CMC triggers
– S&S Precision
– Tactical Tailor
– ETS Group
– RUAG (ammo)
– MOD K armory (custom glocks)
– Trijicon
– P3DT (steel targets)
– Rubber Dummies (rubber targets)
– Shoot Steel (steel targets)
– Vortex Optics (optics)
– MOHOC (cameras)
– MTEK USA (ballistic helmets)
– Phone Skope (various products for optics)
– ATTS _ Airborne Tactical Training Solutions (helicopters)