Barcelona Terrorist Van Driver Killed After Days Long Manhunt

By Faye Higbee

The hunt for the van driver who plowed into the crowd in Barcelona came to an end, after Younes Abouyaaquob  drove at a high rate of speed across a vineyard owner’s land in the Spanish town of Subirats. The vineyard owner called the police, who descended within minutes on his property. The suspect was permanently neutralized in a hail of bullets.

“Our gratitude to Citizen X for his decisive collaboration in the operation in Subirats. You are an important piece to fight terrorism.” Spanish Police

The Manhunt 

After the initial terror attack in Barcelona, police thought that Moussa Oukabir might have been the driver who escaped. But after investigation and several arrests, they learned that it was Younes Abouyaaquob.

The alleged “mastermind” of the Barcelona operation, Abdelbaki Es Satty,  was killed in the house explosion at Alcanar. (Apparently not much of a “mastermind” after all?)

Abouyaaquob had carjacked a vehicle, stabbed the owner to death, and drove through a police checkpoint. Citizens in Subirats had been on the lookout for the man and the stolen vehicle.

After the vineyard owner, identified only as “citizen X,” called the police, it took only minutes for the property to be surrounded. Police effectively cornered Abouyaaquob. He was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, but was later determined to be fake.

As police opened fire,  the suspect yelled “allahu akbar.” It brought to  a close the manhunt for all of the terror cell members surrounding the Barcelona/Cambrils terror attacks.

All members of the terror cell are now accounted for, although with terror cells,” you never know when they will crop up again. It was reported by media in 2016 that German Intelligence stated that ISIS “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” were infiltrating refugee programs in many countries. As usual, no one was listening.