Baltimore Protests – Shades of Ferguson, Missouri

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had asked the organizers of the “Justice for Freddy Gray” protests to keep it respectful. But by the time evening rolled around in the city, things turned violent. Organizers on Instagram and other social media worked to get thousands of people to Baltimore City streets.

Both the University of Maryland at Baltimore and Camden Yards were locked down as protests turned violent. The UMB issued a “shelter in place” warning, and Camden Yards were gated shut, leaving baseball fans locked inside after a Red Sox/Orioles game.

baltimore  protests

Protesters broke windows, and smashed cars in Baltimore –tumblr photo

Police worried about outsiders coming in for the protests, and it appears their fears were correct. One picture from Facebook appears to show many outside groups all coming together for the protests in the city. But “respectful” it was not- in looting, broken windows, smashed police cars, they rampaged through Baltimore.

balitmoreoutsiders   As the Baltimore situation mirrors Ferguson, protesters shout that they wanted all 6 police officers involved in the Freddie Gray arrest punished. Freddy Gray died while in police custody, but as the videos show no major force used,  police claimed that they didn’t do anything. But Freddy’s spine was 80% severed- how that happened is the subject of an investigation.

12 people were arrested last night, and at least 2 people hurt. One reporter was robbed on camera. Thug politics.  

Robbed on camera

This video is 25 minutes long. It covers some of the Baltimore protests, and shows a reporter in trouble, as a robbery takes place on camera. RT video