Badri 313 – Taliban Special Forces Unit

Faye Higbee
badr 313
This post shows the Badri 313 mocking the iconic US flag planting (screenshot)

Badri 313 is not a ragtag bunch of goat farmers like much of the Taliban regulars. According to media reports, they are a lethal special forces unit with the gear and expertise to go with it. US military weapons, night goggles, tactical vests, helmets…it’s all there. Now we know how the Taliban offensive took over the country so quickly.

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After the takeover of Kabul, the Taliban’s special commando unit — Badri 313 — is ruling the streets of the Afghan capital. Armed with modern weapons and gadgets, the elite forces of Taliban are guarding the streets of Kabul. The forces have been specially trained for special operations. Reports say that the Taliban’s special commandos played a key role in Afghan offensive and are now responsible for the security of Kabul where they can be seen deployed at all key locations.

Hindustan Times

According to a report from India Today, the Badri 313 prepares like any other special forces commando unit, employing tactical and attack training in undisclosed locations run by the Taliban.

When the Taliban first released images of the Badri 313, experts believed that they were sending a signal that showed they were no longer a rag-tag group of farmers, but now had modern military capabilities.

The Taliban’s tenacity has been well documented, but their lack of equipment always put them at a significant disadvantage against US and NATO forces. 

The addition of night vision goggles in particular raised eyebrows when images of the Badri 313 were released, suggesting the Taliban would now be better equipped to combat night raids, or even carry out their own…

A member of the Pakistan Defence website told the news outlet that it showed the Taliban were no longer a bunch of farmers, but a professional paramilitary force, with one experts (sic) suggesting they were even better equipped than Pakistan’s army.

Daily Mail

Lethal look-alikes

Previously, the Taliban had no access to such modern technology. They have it now. Reports of the Taliban going door to door attempting to find Bible Apps, seizing young girls for sex slaves, and beating Americans have ramped up in recent days. The Badri 313 commandos now resemble the special forces of other countries including the US, which places everyone in jeopardy.

The US has issued an alert to deter Americans from traveling to the airport unless they receive a specific personal message to do so. In order to receive such a message, they must fill out a repatriation request. How they get it to the powers that be is a question.

Because of potential security threats outside the gates at the Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative to do so.

US alert

Now, Americans, Afghans, and others seeking to flee the country must brave the Taliban-held streets to reach the airport, with little to no help from troops from the United States or other nations, though some special forces have reportedly conducted targeted rescue missions by helicopter and U.S. troops went outside the airport to rescue 169 people.

The Epoch Times

This is not a surprise, since so much technology and weapons have been commandeered by the militant Muslim group. But it is an extreme danger to the entire region.


Featured screenshot via Fox17 Nashville

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