The Back Story of Freddie Gray

Reports are surfacing now about Freddie Gray‘s past medical history. Sources revealed that Mr. Gray had been in a car accident recently and suffered back injuries. Those injuries were bad enough that he required surgery on his spinal column. There was a settlement from Allstate insurance paying Mr. Gray a structured settlement.

freddie gray


Mr. Gray had gone to court to to have this settlement converted to a lump sum payment through Peachtree Financial according to the court records from The Circuit Court in Howard County MD.

This all took place earlier in the month of April. Mr. Gray should have been home recovering from his back injuries, not out manufacturing and distributing drugs. This is why he was arrested in the first place.

The Baltimore police also stated that Mr. Gray was not buckled into a seat belt in the vehicle used to transport him. That in addition to not receiving immediate medical care, and his spinal injury could have been  contributing factors in the incident.

I don’t condone excessive force from the police and I look forward to a complete and factual investigation as to what actually happened to Mr. Gray while in police custody. His death is not acceptable at the hands of the police.

Arrest with cause

With that said, Mr. Gray put himself at risk by being out on the street in the first place. Second, he was arrested for drug related charges. The police had every right to arrest this individual.

Mr. Gray was no stranger to the police department of Baltimore. He has an arrest record a mile long, mostly for drug related offences. He was very well known to the police of Baltimore.

So, once again, we have a story about a man arrested, a black man, a criminal, dealing drugs and whatever criminal activity. He died in police custody…still waiting for the results of the investigation on that. We see violence erupt over the “injustice,” and the “oppression.” Riots, Looting, and destruction of personal property. All because the rioters demand justice for the wrong done to “them.”

Meanwhile the real story begins to emerge. Just like in the Ferguson, MO arrest of Michael Brown. The Black community explodes with racial hatred.

You won’t find this information reported in the Main Stream Media. In fact you will have a hard time coming up with this info readily. It doesn’t sell ratings. It doesn’t further the agenda of the left race baiting crowd.

To the citizens of Baltimore and beyond

The citizens of Baltimore are being led down a path of destruction. They are being manipulated and lied to in order to further an agenda from the left. They want chaos and destruction. That way they are justified in imposing martial law. The whole purpose is control. They want it. You have it. They want you to give it them. It’s working just fine. You all are following the script line by line.

Your mayor has given you free reign to destroy at will. The police won’t step in. You’re free to do as you see fit. They just sit back, surround you, and wait. When the time is right, they will tighten the noose and squeeze you right back to where you came from. It will all be justified. All the extra manpower needed, approved. Military hardware needed to deal with the problem, approved. Using National Guard troops to maintain order, approved.

All right out in the open for all the world to see. No one will bat an eye. The world sees the destruction you have caused. The loss of life, property, and civil liberties. All right there on the screen, 24/7. Baltimore you have been had. You have been played the fool. You have acted just as the powers that be predicted and wanted you to do.The race card deployed – just scream oppression and slavery. Cry civil rights. Then throw the match on the fuel and watch it burn.

You have no one to blame but yourselves. You did this. To the rest of the country watching and condemning these riots, watch your back. It can and will happen again. Anytime, any place, any city. No one is immune to this agenda. We have watched this going on for the last six plus years. We have sat there fat, dumb, and happy, thinking it will never happen to my town, my city, or my world. Chaos. It is as constant as change.

Will you let it happen to you and yours? What will you do if it comes calling in your world?