Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Arctic Blast Hits Northeast

You thought winter Storm GIA was bad? Not even close to what is hitting the Northeast now. The Weather Channel decided to name this Winter Storm “Harper.” A hypothermia alert has been issued for Washington DC, and areas from the midwest to Maine are in the grip of an arctic blast. At least six deaths so far have been blamed on the weather, thousands of flights canceled, hundreds of car accidents,  and tens of thousands of customers are without power, according to the Weather Channel.

Some didn’t care for the President’s sense of humor, but he’s right. Authorities are suggesting that people stay inside during the cold spell, which could last up to 48 hours.

The Monday forecast for MLK Day via Weather channel

Roadways were closed, planes had to be de-iced or flights canceled entirely (at least 2,000 of them) – others were delayed. Kansas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey declared emergencies. By tomorrow there may be more.

There has been coastal flooding in several states, including having to deal with ice and snow. Some people say they are enjoying all the snow for skiing, and sledding. Others probably should stay inside.


Featured photo: Twitter via State Police in Illinois