Austin Black Lives Matter Protest – One Man Killed

Faye Higbee
austin Black Lives Matter

A man carrying an AK-47 allegedly walked up to a vehicle in an Austin Black Lives Matter protest and was fatally shot shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday. Eight shots could be heard in the video, five in one cluster, three in the next. The BLM supporter shot was Garrett Foster. The driver who shot him has not been identified. (Reuters)

UPDATE from The Intelligencer – the person who shot Foster was released pending the rest of the investigation. Tangled witness statements.

But on Sunday evening, Austin police announced that the driver told investigators that Foster had pointed his rifle at his car. Austin police chief Brian Manley said at a press conference that the driver of the car called 911 minutes after the shooting to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he had fired on them.

Manley said that the first person who appeared to fire was the driver, and then a second person (not Foster) drew a concealed handgun and opened fire on the car as it drove away. He said that witnesses have told police “several different versions of the incident” and that detectives are reviewing the “precise actions” of everyone involved. He asked for anyone with more information or footage of the event to come forward.

Screenshot of Garrett Foster and his wife via ImHiram – Hiram Gilberto Facebook livestream

You can hear the gunshots in this video. Someone with a good shooting ‘ear’ might be able to identify the sounds and which gun they came from:

The narrative of the Black Lives Matter supporters differs slightly from the official account. They claim the driver started shooting into the crowd. According to other witnesses, the driver of the vehicle was just attempting to get through the crowd. According to some witnesses, the car sped up as it approached the protesters (Daily News). When the car came through the area of the protesters, people began running toward it. Were they going to damage it and drag the driver out as has occurred in other protests?

The narrative of the BLM supporters is that Garrett Foster was trying to protect his wife, who is wheelchair bound, from the driver because the car was trying to ram protesters (plausible, if true, but approaching a car with a loaded weapon was not wise – especially in Texas). Foster was a regular at the Black Lives Matter protests, according to the activists.

Garrett Foster was interviewed just prior to the incident.

“They  don’t let us march in the streets anymore so I gotta practice somewhere, right?… People who oppose us are pussies and won’t do anything about it.” Garrett Foster

‘Somebody did something,’ to coin a phrase.

The Hiram Gilberto livestream showed protesters walking all over in the streets. So much for that whole “not marching in the streets anymore” statement.

The Black Lives Matter supporters said that Foster was “pushing his wife in her wheelchair” at the time of the shooting. Is that what happened?  Police will have a lot of different takes on this to sift through. But gee, “we don’t need police” you know, they’re all racists. (sigh)

Was she thrown from her wheelchair? Unknown at this point, the investigation is continuing.

The man who shot Foster during the Austin Black Lives Matter protest was detained by police, and is said to be cooperating.

Here is Tank’s rant on the situation.

Featured photo: screenshot of police working to attempt to save Garrett Foster via Hiram Gilberto livestream


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