Attempt to Disrupt DC Catholic Mass? Chanting, Drumming Phillips and Followers at it Again

By Faye Higbee

Nathan Phillips, the Native American drummer of recent infamous activity, apparently is more than just a person who hates MAGA hat wearing teens. He is being shown as anti-Catholic as well after taking 20 of his followers to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, a DC Catholic church, on Saturday and tried to disrupt a vigil mass. (Breitbart).

Who’s the “bigot” now? It appears that he has a serious hatred of Catholics, not just MAGA hats.

Catholic News Agency reported,

The group of demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during a Saturday evening Vigil Mass, according to a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass.

“It was really upsetting,” the guard told CNA.

“There were about 20 people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything.”

The guard said the incident was a disappointment during a busy and joyful weekend for the shrine.

“We had hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the country come here to celebrate life, to celebrate each other together. That a protest tried to come inside during Mass was really the worst.”

The guard told CNA the situation was “tense.”

“I’m just really grateful that nothing too bad happened, they were really angry.”

A source close to the shrine’s leadership corroborated the security guard’s account, telling CNA that during the Mass, Phillips and the group tried to enter the church while playing drums and chanting, and were prohibited from entering the building by security personnel, who locked the main basilica doors with the congregation still inside.

So Phillips misrepresented his USMC service, and never corrected the record about it.  He called the Covington teens “racists”and “beasts” and never once said anything against the Black Hebrew racists at the original confrontation on Friday who were yelling racial slurs at the boys.

Here is a video of the attempt. One woman says “I’ll watch the cops” as Phillips tells people they can go inside “in small groups and there’s no reason they can stop you.” Wanna Bet? Security locked the doors.