ATF Reclassification of Pistol Braces: Tell them Your Answer by Jan 4!

Rick Ferran
pistol brace

The ATF plans to reclassify pistol braces as “short barreled rifles” (sbr). With what they believe is the incoming administration planning to ratchet down on the firearms industry, they’re starting early. You only have a few short days – over the holidays – to voice your opinion on the matter. Do it now!

UPDATE: The ATF has suspended its proposal to amend the guidance on pistol braces thanks to receiving 50,000 comments in a matter of days. That may not change much, sine they tend to operate by the “know it when we see it” principle. But know that your comments made a difference!

The ATF is allowing comments until Jan 4th of 2021 regarding the re-classification of Pistol Braces. It is very important you all follow these instructions and voice your opinion. This proposal will affect the gun industry, as well as citizens who own the weapons in question. It IS a Gun Registry, and you must pay attention if you don’t want to become a Felon.

What is being proposed is reclassifying pistol braces and making some of the weapons considered “Short Barrel Rifles.” This will require you to Register the firearm and pay a $200 tax stamp, destroy it, or turn it in to the ATF. The “pistol braces” alter the weapon by making it a rifle under this ATF designation.

Follow the instructions in this article, or go here to follow the instructions. It is also important to conduct yourself professionally as profanity will get your comments removed by the site.

If you want to take the easy route, copy the wording below.

 “To whom it may concern, this Reclassification of Pistol Braces, how they are used and classified is ridiculous and should be thrown out immediately. Making millions of gun owners felons will be a huge detriment to all firearm manufacturers including companies like “Q”, SB Tactical and thousands more.  A gun registry is what this is and should be stopped immediately. Please recuse this proposal.”

The pistol braces were originally intended to assist disabled shooters, but quickly became popular. A short history of pistol braces, invented by Alex Bosco at SB Tactical, is at this link.

The ATF proposal does not contain information to “help the firearms industry” as it claims in its “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with Stabilizing Braces.” There appear to be no “objective factors” present in the proposal.

The proposal, however, details little in the way of objective measures. To the contrary, the proposal takes broad positions on features and accessories that could constitute, in the aggregate, an AR pistol being classified as an NFA weapon without actionable specifications vital for the manufacturer or consumer to consider. Such generalizations without specifications include:

Type and caliber, weight and length, length of pull, attachment method, stabilizing brace design features, aim point, secondary grip, sights and scopes, peripheral accessories.

Shoot On

In other words, firearms manufacturers have little to go on as far as revamping their designs. The Q, LLC manufacturer was targeted earlier in the year with their Honey Badger AR pistol after the ATF sent a “cease and desist” letter. It was a hint at what was to come.

Honey Badger firearm – Facebook Photo, C2 Tactical

Here are pictorial instructions for giving the ATF your opinion on pistol braces:

Remember the comment period is ONLY until JANUARY 4, 2021.


Featured photo: Pistol Brace via SB Tactical/Thril

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