As Polls Claim Biden is Winning, Trump Says “Prove Them Wrong”

The polls claim Biden is winning, but is it true and how do we believe anything they say? The polls claim that Joe “Dementia” Biden is leading, in spite of his recent confusion. The President says, “prove them wrong.” Let’s do exactly that.

Here are a few examples:

Does he know something that we don’t? ” I don’t need you to get me elected.”

He reads everything from one giant teleprompter, and still doesn’t always get it right.

He babbles, loses his place, forgets where he is, has moments where he even forgets what office he’s running or who he’s running against. But people are voting for him. Which should scare the beejeebers out of everyone that still has their mental faculties.

What the polls claim may be in error

The fact the Republicans tend to vote in person rather than by absentee is important to note as millions of people have already voted across the country. But even polls claim that they’re leery of the “shy” Trump voters who don’t participate in polls. (Pew Research).

Then there’s the obvious: huge turnouts for Trump, but only a tiny handful for Joe Biden. The following video was taken in Beverly Hills (deep blue) California.

A twenty mile long Trump parade along I-55 in Illinois was captured by Denise Tower Clift. Think about it: 20 miles long… but Biden is ahead in the polls?

Photo of 20 mile long Trump MAGA parade along I-55 in Illinois by Denise Tower Clift

For months, car parades and boat parades have demonstrated the patriotic hearts of ordinary people for the President and our Law Enforcement. Pollsters can’t and won’t get those people on the phone.

The people who put up the recent Trump sign on private property caused California Transportation workers to remove it the first time because it was “distracting.” So they simply moved it to another spot on private property.

As the President says, never give up. We are just one day away from one of the most important elections in our history. Our very existence as a free people is at stake. Vote based on policies, not on personality. Some of us don’t worry about Trump’s roughness, because he’s not a politician… and that’s the only thing that stands between us and becoming a destroyed society. So let’s do what the President suggested: Let’s prove the polls wrong again. #VoteRed

Featured photo: screenshot via Benny Johnson of Beverly Hills Trump parade


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