Arthur Ashe Award for Courage – Why pick Jenner?

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In this politically correct world, the definition of courage has become twisted and meaningless by those who have never sacrificed for either the nation or their loved ones. This week, ESPY (ESPN) named “Caitlyn” Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) as the recipient of this year’s Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.  The result has been a firestorm, with people saying that US Combat veteran Noah Galloway or Mount St Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill should have received the award.

The History of the Arthur Ashe Award

The Award for Courage in the last two years has been given to athletes who were gay. Michael Sam received it last year after he openly admitted his sexual orientation, and Robin Roberts, a news anchor and former basketball player received it in 2013.

Ms Roberts struggled with cancer and underwent numerous treatments. She is one of the hosts of Good Morning America. She has faced terminal illness, and so far has won. She is also part of the LGBT community.

Michael Sam  is a defensive end for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner falls within their leaning toward LGBT issues.

Did ESPN pass over Lauren Hill and Noah Galloway?

As far as we can determine, neither Lauren or Noah were ever considered for the award. The history of the award itself tells us that the ESPY/ESPN network leans left at the beginning and the courage of the real heroes likely went over their heads in the first place.

When Fox asked ESPN to comment, they would only say, “many people are discussed every year…there is no such thing as a runner up.”

arthur ashe award for courage

US Army Combat Veteran Noah Galloway

Real Heros, True Courage

Lauren Hill continued to play basketball in spite of suffering from brain cancer- DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). She moved on in spite of her illness. She sacrificed for her team even though she was gravely ill. She died on April 10.

Noah Galloway has participated in extreme sports, in spite of having lost one arm and one leg to an IED in Iraq. He has sacrificed everything that ordinary people take for granted, and moved on in spite of the tragedy that befell him on the battlefield. He also won on “Dancing with the Stars.”

A tweet by Gerry Callahan went viral on June 1. It was likely intended as sarcasm, but it lead to serious confusion, making people think that the two others were overlooked.

They were not overlooked, they were not considered in the first place. They should have been, but such is the nature of political correctness – those who are truly deserving are usually ignored.

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