Army Veteran Rescues Freedom

By Faye Higbee

Army Veteran Rescues Freedom

Bald Eagle Helplessly Dangling from a Tree

Jason Galvin is an Army Veteran with 2 tours in Afghanistan. On Thursday, he was out on a “bait run” when he spotted a juvenile bald eagle hanging upside down from a tree – it was entangled in a rope. He retrieved his rifle, and spent 90 minutes carefully shooting off branches, and finally the rope, to free the helpless bird.

Govt agencies would not help

The bird dangled about 75 feet above the ground for two days. Neighbors were upset at seeing the majestic symbol of the United States helplessly hanging in the tree. They knew it would die without help.

army veteran

Facebook photo of the eagle dangling helplessly in a tree

The Daily Mail reported:

Neighbors called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Rush City police and fire departments, but were told there was nothing the agencies could do because of how high the eagle was in the tree.

At one point Galvin joked that he might have to shoot the eagle down and his wife responded by telling him ‘that’s what you’re going to do’, according to KARE 11

Galvin then spent 90 minutes taking nearly 150 shots from a .22 caliber rifle ‘while mowing down three branches, and finally the rope, holding up the eagle’.

One shot at a time

Galvin received permission from the DNR to give the plan a try. He took aim slowly, one shot at a time. As soon as the rope was severed, and the bird was safely on the ground, Gavin loaded it up in a kennel and took it to the Raptor Center at the  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

“There was a lot of tears. When it finally came down, it was breathtaking.  It was a beautiful moment.

It rode in the front seat with me and the whole time his head was up and he was alert.  It looked good considering it had been hanging there for two days.” Jason Galvin

Facebook photo of “Freedom” the rescued juvenile bald eagle. Juveniles still have dark feathers on their heads.


Galvin, his neighbors and friends named the Eagle…appropriately enough for the Independence Day weekend… “Freedom.”

At a time when the Obama Administration wants to INCREASE the number of eagles that can be killed by wind turbines, it is good to hear about the rescue of one of these magnificent creatures.

By Friday evening it was eating and drinking, and veterinarians were assessing its prognosis.

This young eagle, “Freedom” is much like the United States at this point in history. We are still a young nation at only 240 years, but we are dangling precariously and may not live.

We need help too!