Army Major General Patrick Donahoe Tells Followers to “Block and Report” the “Disinformation Tin Foil Hat Team.”

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patrick donahoe

So much for an ”apolitical” US Military. A US Army General, Major General Patrick Donahoe, is thin-skinned enough that he pushed back against someone asking questions and citing facts by telling his followers to ”block and report” the ”disinformation tin foil hat team.” THIS, folks, is our new military leadership.

How it all started:

MajGen Patrick Donahoe is the commanding general of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning. He is a graduate of the US Naval War College, and holds a Masters Degree from Harvard Kennedy School. When he tweeted that in order to get ahead in the Army recruits need to be vaccinated, he got pushback. Then he decided to engage in the political realm by being obnoxious. It was a discrediting to his position and he should have just blown it off.

Story continues below:



Hillsdale College graduate and US Marine Corps Veteran Josiah Lippincott took the opportunity to remind the General that suicides within the ranks of the military are a far worse danger to the troops.

According to the Epoch Times, the suicide rate among our Troops has risen sharply – with the rate now higher than the number of troops killed in combat, and even higher than the general population.

According to the report, more veterans of the terror wars have killed themselves than those who died in combat. The paper estimates that 30,177 active-duty personnel and post-9/11 veterans have died by suicide—significantly more than the 7,057 service members killed in post-9/11 war operations.

The suicide rate among veterans of the terror wars exceeds that of the general population, according to the report.

“The suicide rate of veterans overall and adjusted for age and sex is 1.5 times that of the general population,” the June 21 report said. “Moreover, the current suicide rate of 45.9 among veterans 18-34 is about 2.5 times the suicide rate of that of the adjusted general population (18 per 100,000).

The Epoch Times citing the Brown University Costs of War report

But MajGen Patrick Donahoe apparently doesn’t like criticism, and became condescending.

Your false equivalency of suicide compared to the virus doesn’t hold up. Why don’t you compare auto accidents while you’re at it. Your apparent aversion to the vaccine is wrong headed. It’s the way to normalcy while saving lives. In 1918 people prayed for a vaccine.

MajGen Patrick Donahoe

When another Twitter user asked the General how many wars he had won, Donahoe responded with “Don’t be a shill for Putin.” Patrick Donahoe is listed as being in the Afghanistan war and has been in the Army since 1989 – what he did there, exactly, is unknown. He supposedly received a Bronze Star, but it is not listed as having a Valor Device. Opinions don’t win wars, strength, and strategy do.

This kind of arrogance is not just unbecoming of a military officer, it is dangerous. Officers who do not listen, but become condescending when asked a question shouldn’t be in their position. He could have easily blown it off and not worried about it, but instead deliberately engaged in a thread riddled with politics. The military is supposed to be ”apolitical” but it is obvious that our current crop of so-called military leadership is not neutral in any way from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley on down the ladder. One Twitter user who saw the above conversation thread stated exactly what we’ve all been saying – and the user isn’t originally from the United States:

Be it Blue or Red, whoever you vote for ..this is terrifying. I come from a place where bus stops, taxis, schools, pubs etc are split by tribal loyalty. That ended in guerilla war. We need to fix this ASAP. Understanding/listening not condescending/ignoring is the answer

Ciaran Murphy


Featured photo: US Army of Major General Patrick Donahoe

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