Army Hero Faces Court Martial for Whistleblowing

By Faye Higbee

It appears from recent events that the US Army has lost its way. Lt. Col. Jason Amerine testified before congress that he had been working on a plan to free 6 American hostages, and criticized the Obama Administration for trading 5 Taliban leaders for Bergdahl. Amerine’s plan would have traded one Taliban warlord for 6 American hostages. But that testimony on June 11 has caused him to be brought up on charges, lose his pay briefly, and cancel his upcoming retirement.

Is all of this because he criticized the government?


The reason?

Army Regulation 600-20: “No person will restrict a member of the Armed Services from making a protected communication with a Member of Congress; an IG; a member of a DOD audit, inspection, investigation, or law enforcement organization; or any other person or organization (including any person in the chain of command) designated under this regulation or other administrative procedures to receive such communication… Soldiers will be free from reprisal for making or preparing a protected communication.”

At issue is a talk  Lt. Col Amerine had with Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) while he was working with the families and diplomatically to get their loved ones back. He discussed his frustrations with Rep. Hunter, and a complaint was filed by Mr. Hunter with the Pentagon’s Inspector General over a possible “questionable” ransom paid for Bergdahl.

Now the Army is accusing Amerine of giving sensitive information to the Congressman. Suddenly, after  a meeting with the FBI, Amerine’s security clearance was cancelled, his pay suspended,  he was removed from his job, and the Army is seeking a court martial.

Who else has fallen into the trap?

Lt.Col.Amerine is only the latest Army officer to fall into the political trap set for them by high level politicians.

Major Matthew Goldsteyn was stripped of his Special Forces Tab, his medals revoked, and is being processed (that means kicked out) of the Army for killing an Afghani bomb maker. The prosecution of him for murder failed, but the Army wants him gone anyway.

Former 1st Lt. Clint Lorance is serving 19 years in Leavenworth for ordering his men to open fire on 3 men who approached his patrol in Afghanistan.

The Army rejected an honor guard for an event that they have been part of for 20 years because it is connected to a patriotic church  service, yet allows its honor guard to march in gay pride parades. That may be just the tip of the iceberg.