Armed Suspect Arrested Near Justice Kavanaugh’s Home, Planned to Kill Him

Faye Higbee
justice kavanaugh's home

Nicholas John Roske, 26, from Simi Valley, CA, was arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home with a gun, knife, and pepper spray. He was angry over the leaked Roe v Wade opinion (that hasn’t been released) and the recent mass shootings. So what does he do? Grabs a gun and other weapons and goes to the home of a Supreme Court Justice with the intent to kill him and then himself. Roske is charged with attempting to murder a US Supreme Court Justice.

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The full affidavit of probable cause is here.

Screenshot: Nicholas John Roske via

At approximately 1:05 a.m. Wednesday, two U.S. Marshals saw an individual, later identified as Roske, dressed in black clothing and carrying a backpack and a suitcase, get out of a taxicab that had stopped in front of Kavanaugh’s Montgomery County home. The individual looked at the two marshals standing outside their parked vehicle and turned to walk down the street, the affidavit says.

Shortly after, the Montgomery County Emergency Communication Center fielded a call from Roske, who identified himself and told the call taker he “was having suicidal thoughts and had a firearm in his suitcase.” Roske also told the call taker “he came from California to kill a specific United States Supreme Court Justice,” the affidavit says… 

A black tactical chest rig and tactical knife, Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, pistol light, duct tape, hiking boots with padding on the outside of the soles, and other items were found in his suitcase and backpack. 


The incident outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home is not surprising. Leftist Democrats have done everything in their power to encourage violence. They stood by and did nothing while BLM and Antifa burned down Dem-run blue cities in America during the summer of 2020. AG Garland refuses to prosecute the law, 18 U.S.C. § 1507, that says picketing and attempting to intimidate and sway Supreme Court Justices is illegal. Biden has actively encouraged protests outside the homes of the Justices. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer openly threatened Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch back in 2020 because of his perception on their rulings. Democrats blocked a security bill meant to protect Supreme Court Justices. Every single one of these Democrats should be locked up forever.

They champion, encourage, excuse, and stand around doing nothing as Democrat-run cities are burned to the ground.

They open the prisons, open the border to drug and sex traffickers, mythologize the terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, leave schools wide open to mass shooters; they openly hope for Donald Trump’s death and assassination.

Oh, and while they’re doing all of that, they lobby to disarm us.

For the last five years, Democrats and the media have sided with, emboldened, and encouraged their Brownshirts in Antifa and Black Lives Matter to engage in political violence. Kavanaugh has been a prime target of these lies and hate campaigns for the last three years.

If this suspect is indeed guilty of what he is charged with, does anyone doubt he saw himself as a folk hero who would save democracy and earn his own MSNBC primetime hour?

John Nolte, at Breitbart

AG Garland said that this sort of behavior outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home will “not be tolerated.” Right. anyone want to bet the guy gets just a slap on the wrist?


Featured screenshot: Justice Kavanaugh

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