Armed Smugglers at the Border in Arizona

By Faye Higbee

A video via the CBP shows armed smugglers in tactical gear escorting a family across the border west of Lukeville, Arizona. Is it a crisis yet? How much did these human smugglers get paid to do this?

The woman and child came through illegally at around 10 p.m. on Saturday escorted by four or five men in tactical gear and masks, and holding what appeared to be AK-47s. Guatemalans are paying these coyotes around $7000 to bring them to the US. In this case, one of the men also crossed into the US illegally, but all of them turned back after dropping off their customers.

“This is highly unusual and highly concerning to the agency. These armed individuals along the border represent an escalation of tactics. This is not mom and dad and kids deciding to head to the border. This is a no kidding, orchestrated effort to bring individuals to the US.  It is not just the numbers. It’s who is running this enterprise.” CBP official to Fox News

The woman and her 8 year old son were from Guatemala, and turned themselves into Border Agents as soon as they crossed into the US. CBP camera operators saw the activity and dispatched Border Patrol agents to intercept. According to KOLD, the coyotes advised the woman to immediately turn herself in to authorities and request “asylum.” That’s what she did.

The area where this incident occurred is the same area where last week the CBP intercepted 399 Guatemalan illegals. They had arrived in buses and were dropped off about 100 yards from the border. There is no border fence in that area, just a vehicle barrier. There is nothing to prevent incursion.

This is not some random bunch of people on their way to America. This is a concerted effort by those who are taking advantage of an overwhelmed immigration system. Is it a crisis yet, Democrats?