Armed National Guard in DC – Preparing for Violence

About 3,000 National Guard Troops had to shelter inside the Capitol Building after arriving in Washington DC because there wasn’t enough room for all 15,000 troops. The Pentagon has authorized them to carry their service firearms, M4 carbines and M9 pistols. The armed National Guard in DC is prepping for violence that may not come, since the Biden Inauguration is supposed to be primarily “virtual.”

Are we in an episode of The Matrix? Just asking. It seems that when Democrats feel threatened, they call in the big guns, but when Republicans are threatened suddenly it’s a gross problem to have guns around.

The whole “armed protests” thing may actually be a false flag designed to entrap Americans, as we mentioned previously.

The armed National Guard in DC is a new thing – previously in protests they were not carrying firearms, which indicates a level of hysteria by the Democrats and the Pentagon. The constant reference to Jan 6 as an “insurrection” is telling, as every media outlet calls all of the people involved “Trump supporters,” when not all of them were. Anyone walking into DC to protest right now would be walking into a Bee’s nest, and could quickly be shot.

Some 6,200 Guard troops from at least six states and the D.C. National Guard were deployed to the nation’s capital as of Wednesday. They had not previously been authorized to carry firearms or nonlethal weapons.

Hundreds of troops have been stationed in and around the Capitol, where 7-foot, nonscalable fencing has been erected around the entire building for protection. More National Guard forces, including troops from Illinois and Utah, were preparing to deploy to the city, where at least 10,000 National Guard troops were expected on duty by the weekend…

…The defense officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy made the decision to arm troops around the Capitol. McCarthy has been working daily with federal and local law enforcement officials to determine the risk troops could face, the officials said. Both officials declined to say what led to the decision to arm some troops.


What happened on January 6 was not an “insurrection” by Trump supporters. It was an out-of-control protest that had numerous bad guys inside who planned to make it look bad. Whoever stole the secret laptops could very well have been “insurrectionists,” but not Trump supporters. Trump has consistently told his followers to be “peaceful” and to go home. But as with the Russian collusion hoax, no one is listening. Even RINOs and ignorant Republicans have piled on this time in the impeachment process.

Somebody please take the red pill.


Feature photo: Screenshot of original pic by Scott Applewhite

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