Arizona HB 2111 – Another State Votes to Stop Biden’s Gun Control Agenda; Biden’s Nominee for ATF Director is Gun Control Advocate

Faye Higbee
Arizona HB 2111

Arizona Governor Ducey signed HB 2111 into law on Tuesday. The “2nd Amendment Firearm Freedom Act” prohibits enforcement of any Federal gun control laws that violate the 2nd amendment. Good timing, too, as Biden is set to announce at least some of his gun control plans and new ATF Director David Chipman on April 8. Biden’s pick is a gun control advocate, and former ATF agent.

Arizona HB 2111

Several States are moving to block any actions of the Biden administration by the use of the 10th Amendment- State Sovereignty.

Pursuant to the sovereign authority of this state and Article ii, section 3, Constitution of Arizona:

1.  An act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the united states government that violates amendment ii of the constitution of the United States is null, void and unenforceable in this state.

2.  This state and all political subdivisions of this state are prohibited from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the United States government that violates Amendment ii of the Constitution of the United States.

HB 2111 Arizona Law Excerpt

The states doing this, as we reported from Idaho yesterday, are attempting to prevent enforcement of egregious gun laws within their states, and protect the law abiding gun owners who reside there. They expect legal challenges, but so does the Biden Administration expect them to their anti-gun plans.

Screenshot via Twitter- ATF Nominee David Chipman

Today’s announcement is widely expected to be limited to asking the DOJ to ban so-called “ghost guns” with no serial numbers, as well as ‘pistol-stabilizing braces.” He also plans to announce the new ATF nominee, David Chipman. Chipman was an ATF agent for 25 years, and currently is an advisor for Everytown for Gun Safety as well as, which explains his stance on gun control. A gun owner himself, he says he will preserve the 2nd amendment. We don’t believe a word of it, not based on his jobs since leaving the ATF.

Biden will call on the Department of Justice to issue proposed rules to stop the proliferation of so-called “ghost guns” within 30 days. Ghost guns refer to kits that allow the recipient to assemble the firearm using provided parts. These guns do not have commercial serial numbers and are difficult to track.

The Justice Department will be given 60 days to issue a separate rule on stabilizing braces, which can turn a pistol into a more accurate weapon that fires like a rifle. Sixty days will also be provided for the DOJ to develop model “red flag” legislation that would allow friends and family members to identify an individual as a potential danger, thereby temporarily preventing the person from accessing a firearm.


Biden says he wants to stop gun violence. If he really wanted to do that, he would target the criminals, not the law abiding gun owners. And there is the reason for states passing bills like Arizona HB 2111.


Featured photo: Screenshot ABC15

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