Are You a Veteran that Needs a Job? Don’t Go Here

By Faye Higbee

Are You a Veteran that Needs a Job? Don’t Go Here is touted as the clearinghouse for veterans who need a job. Except that it doesn’t always work that way. Our veterans expend time and energy attempting to obtain jobs via that website, often only to be met with no answers at all.

And as we previously reported, many jobs are handled in-house by the VA, rather than opened to veterans, because of agreements with Unions.

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USAJOBS is for employment with Federal agencies, not the private sector, so they are not the only alternative. But the track record with the website is poor. The American Legion posted an article on February 19 that revealed serious problems with the website’s job listings.

“I don’t know of one person who got a job using that website…They don’t keep it updated. People are filling out applications for jobs that are already closed…There’s no accountability on the federal agency side… You don’t know if they are looking at (veterans preference) or not.” Casey Curry, Outreach Coordinator for the Returning Veterans Project

Is this a deliberate effort to prevent veterans from obtaining work?

The Legion’s article stated, in part,

But there’s evidence that some federal agencies purposefully circumvent veterans preference laws and discriminate against veteran applicants who successfully negotiate USAJOBS. The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), an arm of the Department of Energy, manipulated the qualification ratings of at least 117 veteran applicants from 2010 to 2012, according to an investigation by the Energy Department’s inspector general. That amounted to nearly half the applicants for BPA jobs.

 In at least one case, a BPA administrator closed the hiring process after learning that a veteran was the most qualified applicant – and then rewrote the job description to include criteria the veteran couldn’t meet. BPA’s human resources department was ultimately blamed for the agency’s discrimination, and vowed reform after its hiring practices were exposed in 2013.

It appears that some Federal agencies could care less about military veterans. You’d think that Federal agencies would be excited to find men and women of leadership quality, but it appears that is not always the case.


There are alternatives, and patience is required for all of them.

Hints on how to handle the website:

  1. Tailor your resume for each specific job listing and write a cover letter geared toward that job alone
  2. Don’t apply for jobs that only have one opening, as they may have been filled from inside

For the most part, those who have tried to get jobs say they are done with USAJOBS, and advise veterans to look for jobs in the private sector. The private sector has places that look for leadership. It takes time. And you don’t have to rely on the federal government for help, in spite of all the people who say so.

You may be able to locate a private sector job at Military Mojo  or the Recovering Warrior Program at job fairs around the country for companies that are willing to hire veterans. Some companies have even enacted policies that benefit the hiring of veterans- companies such as Blackstone, and Hilton Hotels.

Never give up, go find those jobs wherever you can!