Are Colleges Turning Out Unskilled Workers? (video)

By Faye Higbee

Are Colleges Turning Out Unskilled Workers? (video)

Many videos float around at this point in an election year, showing how stupid the average person is with regard to actual knowledge. Hillary supporters, that don’t really know why they support her and can’t name a single accomplishment she’s made, or Sanders supporters who don’t know what a  socialist is (hint- the Nazi party was the “National Socialist Worker’s Party”).

But it’s not just American voters, it’s across the board in North America. Even Canadian employers are having trouble finding youth with enough skills to think their way out of a paper bag.

Employers want real skills

According to an article in The Toronto Star, some students coming out of Universities in Canada don’t have the basic skill sets needed to function in the real world. They may know their field of study, but as far as basics like reading, writing, and math, they’d get an F.

“A significant minority of students are graduating from post-secondary education with a shortfall of the skills they need — in core literacy and numeracy and problem-solving. And if they have trouble using language and numbers, they’ll have trouble operating in real time at the level they should.” Michael Bloom

When Canada did a study last year,  83% of their Universities believe they were doing a great job in education. But just 34% of employers agreed.

Harvey Weingarten, head of HEQCO (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario) has called for a pilot program for testing “essential skills.” It would be totally voluntary and wouldn’t affect the grades of any student, but would help them know what’s missing in the education process. So far, people approached have been receptive to the idea.

Here they would scream “Racist” and that would be the end of it.

Whose fault is it?

Is it the parents’ fault that the average IQ has dropped 14 points in the last century? Is it what Canada describes as “helicopter parents?” Or schools that have dropped their standards? Perhaps it’s the  “screen-crazed culture?”  It may be a combination of all of those.

colleges turning out unskilled workers

Bernie Sanders

And the U.S.? What’s Next?

In the United States, the pendulum has swung away from real learning and into a social experiment. History has been re-written, ideas are only allowed for certain mindsets, and essential skills are not valued. Truly critical thinking is on the decline as well.

You can use a calculator in class, so you don’t need to be able to add or subtract, multiply or divide. You have the internet and video games so why do you need to learn how to think? The computers do it for you. And you don’t need real relationships, you have an iPhone. You pass whether you can understand what you read or not.

Just watch this video about Bernie Sanders supporters to know that America is in deep trouble.