Anti-Trump Protesters Go on Rampage in California

By Faye Higbee

Anti-Trump Protesters go on rampage in California

Costa Mesa, California- the  Pacific Ampitheater was filled to capacity and overflowing for the Trump Rally yesterday. But hundreds of protesters took to the streets and became violent. They waved Mexican Flags and chanted that California is northern Mexico. They smashed a cop car and tried to overturn it. They attacked a Trump Supporter. They are in NO WAY peaceful.

These are the same kinds of violent actions done by the Black Lives Matter people during the Ferguson “protests.” This is NOT protesting. This is rioting and unnecessary violence.

Trump brought victims of illegal immigrant violence to the stage, saying that “they have suffered.” He is right. People have died, been raped, had property destroyed and stolen…all because of the government’s open border policy.

In the meantime, outside, 200 police and protesters were clashing. Law Enforcement arrested 17 people during the melee.


Protest at the Trump rally ( part of image via AP)

In some of the videos you will see Mexicans  with their faces covered – many of these are likely members of the radical leftist, anti-American group LaRaza (The Race). The group openly advocates all of the Southwest (which they refer to as Aztlan) being returned to Mexico even if it’s by violence. That explains the chants that “California is Northern Mexico.”  Peace is NOT on their menu.

Their view can be summed up in one short sentence:

“For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”

The fact is, that these “protesters” are not protesters at all, but violent agitators, more than likely paid ones. Is this a plan to deny Trump the election?

Twitter photo


This man was attacked by anti-Trump protesters.


So this is the way immigrants and other Americans protest?via TNS



So does Trump “incite violence?” Or are the people responding to his words with violence because they have a personal/political agenda and want to get attention or intimidate the rest of us? We submit it’s the latter.

This is AMERICA – if you protest, you do it in peace, not by jumping on police cars, smashing windows, waving Mexican flags, and smacking candidate supporters around.