Anti-Islam Protest Disrupted by Armed Black Activists

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Anti-Islam Protest Disrupted by Armed Black Activists

Dallas, Texas – An armed anti-Islamic protest at a Nation of Islam Mosque in South Dallas was interrupted on Saturday by a group of armed Black Activists calling themselves the “Huey P. Newton Gun Club.”

Local residents also joined with the armed activists to push out the anti-Islamic protest at the Mosque in South Dallas on Saturday.

Disputes over Islam

Richardson, Texas- Irving, Texas- Dallas, Texas. Protests and counter protests, painting the opposition as the enemy in all cases.

The anti-islamic protesters were from BAIR– the Bureau of American Islamic Relations. Media has labelled them “white supremacists” and called their protests against Islam “racist.” (Islam is a religion and political system, not a race.)

A group of local peace marchers from the Dallas County Democratic Party and the group “United Against Racism and Hate” planned a march against the protest that BAIR planned for Saturday in Dallas.


The group of peace marchers, a cross-faith movement

Then the “Huey P. Newton Gun Club” showed up. A mix of New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam members were armed to the teeth. The BAIR protesters backed away to keep from starting a conflict they would not have won. They were out-gunned by the black activists.

armed black activists – Screenshot via RT


Another screenshot from RT

Members of BAIR protest at the mosque in Richardson, Texas in 2015

BAIR , led by David Wright, has protested at numerous mosques, in particular one in Irving, Texas that brought nationwide attention. The mosque-goers feel that the presence of arms is meant to intimidate people, BAIR says it’s for self-defense.

According to the Washington Times, BAIR has posted the home addresses of dozens of Irving Muslims. Every news media across the country calls them a “hate group.”

What’s the answer?

The armed black power folks in this video:

The claims of “snipers on the roof” – don’t see any guns, but hey who’s counting?

Then there’s this guy who says “everybody in solidarity.”

Panthers speaking!

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