Another Attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt – Multiple Dead

By Faye Higbee

Egypt: Two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire at a household appliances shop owned by two Coptic Christians, killing them. The terrorists also opened fire at the Coptic Church of the Martyr Mar Mina in Helman City on the outskirts of Cairo, killing 10 more. One of the gunmen was killed in an exchange of fire with security forces surrounding the church, the other is reportedly arrested. The surviving perpetrator  was identified as Ibrahim Ismail Mostafa, 33, a known jihadist.

There are conflicting reports of the death toll at this point, but it appears that 10 people may have been killed in the church attack and two in the shop attack.  The Coptic church released that 5 members of the church were killed in the attack, plus 1 policeman. The two shop owners who died were also listed. Four members of the security forces were reportedly also killed. There are also conflicting reports about the perpetrators, with some saying one did it, the others saying two men, one of whom is under arrest. They don’t appear to be counting the dead jihadist in the death toll.

A number of civilians grabbed the gun of a dead security guard and fired back at one of the gunmen, but were unable to kill him.

An explosives belt was found on the dead terrorist, which may indicate that the attack was planned to be more severe. Security forces safely defused the explosives.

The incident at this point is extremely unclear. It appears as though this jihadi who was wandering the street was beaten by onlookers after he was shot by an unknown person.

One thing is very clear- as the incident unfolded, the main doors to the church were shut, keeping the perpetrators outside. Church officials told reporters that if they had managed to get inside, the carnage would have been much greater.