Anna Paulina Luna FL-13 Candidate Links Labelled “Danger to Community” by Social Media

Republican candidate for FL-13, Anna Paulina Luna, is an ardent Second Amendment and US veteran supporter.  She’s fighting for her political life in a race that demands money to stay viable. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have her campaign donation links falsely labelled as a “danger to the community” and have removed it now 29 times as of the day of this writing.

Her donation link is here – funny, it doesn’t appear to be a “danger to the community.” But there is obviously an agenda here to keep her out of the race.

There are a myriad reasons to support and vote for this Conservative Hispanic lady: first, she served in the USAF while stationed at Hurlburt Field in Florida. She is a veteran supporter, and opposes the current trend of “red flag laws” that tend to target US veterans.

She is the chairwoman of the Hispanic Initiative at Prager U.   She has been a frequent commentator on Fox Business, OAN, The Blaze, and others. She has in the past worked with Turning Point USA. She has a degree in biology from the University of West Florida. She could have gone to med school, but decided to stay and fight for the people in her district.

She loves the beauty of her state and wants to preserve it. One of the largest issues is the Democrat push for a carbon tax on small businesses.

“Why do they want to tax small businesses and fine them, when it would be better to cut taxes and encourage them to help? We have a red tide issue all up and down the Florida Coast, with raw sewage being pumped into the ocean.  I want to create an initiative to help stop that.”  

There are six Republicans in the race for FL-13. The only Democrat opposition is Charlie Crist, who is the incumbent in her district. Once a Republican, he switched parties and now raises millions of dollars for impeachment-friendly Democrats.  He also favors those red flag laws – thereby revealing he is not as veteran-friendly as he may claim. Anna Paulina  wants to be the one to win that position.

Her main opponent on the Republican side is a former lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies. With the current opioid epidemic across the nation, it seems ludicrous to vote that person into office. But it appears to be an “establishment” vs “outsider” race… and she’s in it to win it.

“I am not bought or owned by any special interest group. It is our duty to stand up against those groups. They do not want me in Congress and want to force me out of  the race.”


Why is Anna Paulina a second amendment supporter?

“When I was 9, I walked into an armed robbery that was occurring at the time. At 12, my cousin was murdered. At 16, I witnessed a shooting between a black gang and chicano gang. I joined the military at 19 and got my CCW permit when my husband was shot in 2014 in Afghanistan.” Anna Paulina

Should she be a 2a supporter? Not if you ask liberals. But to her, it was a logical step to ensure her safety and that of her family.

She describes herself as pro-God, pro-life, pro-country. Florida Rep Matt Gaetz has endorsed her for this position.

Anna Paulina Luna has until December 31 to raise $30,000 more in funds. She is at $70,000 as of this writing.  If you are able, please help her get there at this link. We need more solid Conservatives like her in Congress!

Featured photos: Anna Paulina for Congress and Facebook


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