An American Contractor in Afghanistan III- The Road to Perdition

By Bill Knight


The Road to Perdition

Perdition a state of   final spiritual ruin; loss of soul; eternal damnation. 


The alleyway where insurgent #4 was moved

Aftermath of the Attack on FOB Provincial Reserve, June 19, 2012

Number of US wounded – 12

Number of AUP wounded – 8

Number of AUP casualties – 4 plus interpreter

Number of US deaths – 1  Thomas Boyle

Insurgent deaths –  4

Only 4 insurgents and all this carnage?  Modest accounts show about 25 US personnel and about 40 ANP were on base that morning.  Numerous statements confirm that the insurgents didn’t fire their weapons until the end of the attack.  Most of the grenades thrown by the insurgents did not even detonate.  The automatic gunfire came from the SAWS held by US troops.

It took them hours to clear the base

“it  took the 303rd hours to clear the base of the wounded. Normally this would take half an hour. And we were not allowed to enter the FOB...” Interview with responding soldier

So what was the 303rd doing?

Sources point to a more sinister series of actions than just evacuating the wounded and securing a crime scene.

Moving the bodies


The red circle represents Tom Boyle, the red X represents insurgent #4


The quiet that fell on Provincial Reserve after the last insurgent was killed revealed commanding officer LTC Matt McKinley emerging unarmed from behind the latrines where he had taken refuge at the onset of the attack. Three insurgents lay dead in the alleyway.  Tom Boyle lay dead in the same alleyway near the female showers where he died before the insurgents even turned the corner, as verified in article two.

‘Friendly Fire’

Command realized from witness accounts and the video of the attack that Mr. Boyle was killed by US soldiers… two US soldiers in particular.
The soldier from Tower 5 would have been the only candidate which could account for the downward trajectory of the chest wounds on Mr. Boyle.
The Roving Guard could only be responsible for the rear and side wounds.  The trajectory of these wounds were lateral and back – indicating Mr. Boyle was already on the ground when he was shot the second time as the bullets ricocheted back into his body.

Would this indicate gross negligence rather than accidental death?

Sources state the wheels to protect careers and reputations began to turn. The body of insurgent #4 was moved east to the next alleyway that aligned with the body of Tom Boyle.


Insurgent #4 – Why are there no blood stains on the ground?


Mr. Boyle’s body was then moved north closer to the smoke shack. The story would now change to indicate that insurgent #4 shot Mr. Boyle as he was having a cigarette. The removal of any NATO rounds in Mr. Boyle’s body became a necessity to confirm the new story.  Horrifically, this was done by cutting into his body to remove any fragments.

Remember this photo from the first article, and we asked why was this photo taken? Maybe we have an answer now.

Photos were taken after the fragment was removed, confirming caliber. The deception was complete.

Or so they thought…

As would have been protocol, Mr. Boyle’s body was to be driven to the morgue at Kandahar Air Force Base then flown to Dover Delaware for autopsy by AFME.  LTC Patrick Michaelis ordered that the body be rerouted to FOB Walton where he was stationed. While at Walton a ‘preliminary autopsy’ was performed on Mr. Boyle’s body pending final determination.  Why? (See document)

Autopsy prelim jpeg

Dr. Todd Beel of the 303,rd a resident of Ann Arbor Michigan, performed this autopsy on June 19,  2012, the date of the attack, without specific written authorization and knowledge by the next of kin – Mrs. Boyle.  Additionally, there were inaccuracies within the autopsy performed by Dr. Beel. Specifically there were 4 chest wounds, not two as is indicated in Dr. Beel’s report. The gsw’s in the abdomen were also misrepresented not only in the number of gsw’s but also their location was inaccurate.  This was confirmed from the second autopsy Mrs. Boyle authorized when having her husband’s body exhumed.

So why was this autopsy even performed?

The 303rd was a military police unit based out of Jackson, Michigan.  Many of the deployed reservists were/are members of the Michigan State Police and other police departments in metropolitan cities throughout Michigan such as Detroit.

Mr. Boyle was a decorated USMC Vietnam veteran who then embarked on a 30 year career with the Chicago Police Department after his service.  Mr. Boyle gave a lifetime of service to this country. 

What is evident is that every soldier on base knew what transpired that day.  Most of those deployed assisted in the cover-up.

What is evident to the family of Tom Boyle is that he was betrayed.

Betrayed by his brothers in green.

Betrayed by his  brothers in blue.