Amish Enthusiasm! The Cow, Horse, Wagon, Carriage Parade for Trump

By Faye Higbee

Saturday in Fredericksburg, Ohio,  Amish enthusiasm for Donald Trump was evident in a cow, horse, wagon, carriage parade (Gateway Pundit).  The parade was organized by Bikers for Trump in order to help “energize” Amish support for the President and give them a more visible voice. The parade was not long, but definitely an eye-catcher. Historic, in  fact.

Screenshot via Twitter

One Twitter used asked “When was the last time you saw the Amish get involved like this?”  The parade was a totally unprecedented event. They have never before participated in such a public display.

If you will recall, their support for Donald Trump in 2016 was massive, with normally nonpolitical folks actually calling for 20 rides to the polls so they could vote. They got 1500 volunteers. The “Amish PAC”  had around 200 non-Amish volunteers that went door to door registering the people.  It appears that their enthusiasm has not waned.

The Amish/Mennonite community usually reject the modern conveniences that we hold dear. They prefer their buggies and horses. But they are not unaware of what goes on in the country.  There are around 60,000 Amish/Mennonite folks in each state of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And they understand the problems facing America. They are not fond of government intrusion into their quiet lives.

Many Amish/Mennonite sects have  access to modern items such as cell phones, radios, etc. Because Trump is against abortion and for the Second Amendment, they are generally solidly on his side. While there are differences between the Amish and Mennonite doctrines and practices, there is consistency in the moral code of both.

According to the Daily Record, who spoke to Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump,

“In a video, Cox said the purpose of the parade is to show Trump he has the support of the Amish and Mennonite communities and to energize community members in preparation for the upcoming election. On Dec. 20, Cox said, a group of Amish and Mennonite — including residents of Wayne and Holmes counties — visited the Oval Office…

…”We’re not here to try to change their narrative,” Cox said. “We’re not here to talk them into voting. We already know there’s a giant swell of interest from the Amish community regarding Trump. Our goal is to give them a little louder voice. To give them a direct path to Donald Trump’s ear.”

Cox expressed surprise in the video at the turnout and support from the Amish.

“This is something else,” Cox said. “History in the making. These were the Amish brave enough to step forward and to put it out there to make a statement like this.”

There will be another parade for tractors, trucks, buggies and motorcycles on September 26 through Fredericksburg at 10 a.m.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter video


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