American Veterans – Stand up and Don’t Give In

Faye Higbee
american veterans

What has this latest debacle in Afghanistan taught our American veterans? Did it teach them to hang their heads in shame or keep their heads buried in a bottle? Or is there a lesson that all veterans can share: the ignorant people behind those mahogany desks can’t take away what you know and have experienced in any war, let alone this latest one. Your knowledge, your experiences are the strength of our country. It’s time to stand up, not time to lie down.

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If, and we mean IF Biden makes it through these next 3.5 years, it will be a miracle. His handlers will try to prop him up, but it will be a futile attempt and more like “Weekend at Bernie’s.” The cackling crackhead waiting in the wings will try to giggle her way through it all. Either our military leaders will step up, or they’ll take a nap and pretend nothing’s wrong as China and Russia run roughshod over the top of us. You , as American veterans, have experiences and knowledge that makes unbeatable strength if you let it, in spite of the politicians.

american veterans
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One of the admin at OTR- Off The Reservation- has something to say about American veterans. Honesty is a strong suit for that author, and his words should strike a nerve or two:

Did we lose? Yeah, goddamn right we lost. Let’s just get that out of the way now, like ripping off a band aid. Do not get out the “We were winning when I left” hats and slap a Ghan flag on them. Face the facts, and then act. If the goal 20 years ago was to remove the Taliban, and now the Taliban is back 100% in control without even requiring a name change, then the objective was not met…

Yeah, it hurts. I feel you. We all lost friends. Had our brothers return home mangled and broken. Was it worth it? No. But those are sunk costs, so we might as well look at what we gained from the experience. They made a generation of us very, very fucking dangerous. We, especially the Enlisted class, learned how to make war in a manner not seen for decades. Perhaps ever. And while we would all trade that to have our boys back walking this Earth, the bargain can’t be reversed. Think of the GWOT as the history’s biggest training exercise. It was said in antiquity that any training that didn’t kill one out of a thousand was insufficient for training warriors. True. Now it wasn’t a deal that shed our weak. We lost some of our absolute best and brightest, which adds to the pain. But it made even the mediocre of us far better than we would have been. Even if you got fucked up yourself, you learned invaluable lessons first hand you can teach the youth. You have value in your brain alone that is beyond price. Bill Gates, with all his fortune, couldn’t buy the experience you carry in you everyday.

Is it arguable, if a little tin foil hat, to think that perhaps the globalist factions set up the war in Afghanistan on purpose purely to break a generation of fighting men from the Vanguard of Freedom, ole Team USA herself? It doesn’t seem as fucking crazy to me as it might’ve even 10 months ago. It is at least plausible. But if that was the idea, they failed. Instead, they forged our generation into War Machines the likes of which have never been seen. Did we lose some once again to PTSD and depression? We did. But it doesn’t have to be you. The question is never how hard you can get hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and stand back up. This is a time for standing back up.

Did we learn anything else? Yes. The Taliban, much as we might hate them, just taught us a valuable lesson about will. As did the North Vietnamese and the North Koreans. No odds, no technological advantage, no amount of money, can beat an iron will. As long as you can take enough punishment, there is absolutely nothing that can’t be overcome.

We lost this war the minute Code Pink was taken seriously. The minute Bradly Manning and Bo Berghdale [sic] weren’t hung. The first time we charged one of our warfighters with murder or using excessive force. The first time we denied a element in contact air support. Our people, 49% of them at least, are weak and stupid. The great sifting has just begun, and it will get worse. That is the price you pay for allowing weakness to take root in your society.

All of us, I promise, will be needed once again. And soon. And not in some Bureaucrat, Blue Blood, Skull and Bones created debacle on the edge of the Empire. I mean needed as in needed like the Spartans at Thermopylae. The weakness on display right now by the Government of the United States will not go unnoticed by the world at large. We can expect now to be poked in the chest, because we have shown that we will take it. You can do one of two things right now. You can drown your sorrows in a bottle of Jameson and think about your dead friends. Or you can honor their memory by getting the fuck up, off your ass, and getting your shit together. The best loyalty I can show my boy Mike Duskin today is to “go pick up something heavy and move it over there.” Go mentor some youth. Get back in the gym. Don’t let the sacrifice have been in vain.  

Off The Reservation

There is no sense to be made of this Afghan debacle. Any time politicians try to run a war, things get screwed up. So to American veterans – stay standing, stay strong, and don’t give in. We truly will need you soon.


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